October 4, 2007


The Met are at a Health and Safety Hearing over the de Menezes tragedy. Terrorism has played a part in this tragedy. The Muslim community have played a part by some neglect because terrorists come from this faith community. Should Islam reform? There is no Supreme faith and here-in lies the dichotomy. Did I say a long word?

Faiths must work together in this country to align themselves, not to themselves, but together. The lip service of a by gone era must stop and we must ask ourselves are we really prepared to sit down over dinner and share a plate together? Or is the talk merely “dinner table” hype,  totally useless and without a purpose.

This goes for Churches too. In fact faiths discriminate, but isn’t that silly? If there is a God, do we honestly think that God would allow us to treat others that are different, badly? Any faith that spouts “Superiority,” therefore, has the blood of race on it’s hands. I am afraid our masters have made us the pawns in the battle between East and West and religions and until our leaders can grapple this issue the job is rather ******. Our leaders can play the double edged sword but in order to tackle what exists in the community we must tackle what exists inside. Sadly, we were caught in the middle of the bigger debate; Islam vesus The West. Isn’t it time to hold our hands up and take the causes of terrorism down with us? The death of de Menezes must not be in vain. That’s the dichotomy; our fear to deal with the causes.  Let’s ask these questions?

(1) What makes a terrorist kill?
(2) Why do they hate the West so much?
(3) How has the West contributed to hatred?
(4) What part must faith institutions play in combatting terrorism?
(5) How do we erradicate faith led racism’s?
(6) What part should the police service play?

In considering these questions we see that the police service is just one cog in the spectrum of what causes terrorism; just one cog, but who really takes the wrap for incompetence of management to speak out.  I am convinced it’s the Staff Officer that writes for Ian; and as for Hayden and Dick, well they will only look after themselves.

The word sorry will not bring back de Menezes, but the word sorry from those that represent Islam and Ian might be just enough to start rebuilding the good credibility that most good police officer’s build daily working the beats of marginalised communities. There you have it; the most important part for building trust is not Ian, Hayden or Dick; but the PC and PS’s up and down the country in what they do and how they do it. 


  1. Facts are beginning to come through. (1) Police officer’s weren’t ready to stop people coming out of the block. That was the original brief. Menezes had left the block and therefore could not be stopped as per the intended brief. (2) They weren’t sure whether it was him or not. (3) Senior Officer’s were indecisive and changed their minds about how to conduct the stop. Ian , in his cosy corner, would not have been aware of these issues.

  2. I think the questions you have asked need to be addressed to all members of British society, not only in respect of de Menezes but also as to where we as a country are heading.

    If we don’t start simplifying the debate and identifying the important things like wanting our children to grow up healthy, I am fearful for the consequences.

  3. Roses, I couldn’t be more clearer. I have been saying this same thing for some time. Note how the NBPA have kept their mouths shut. Incompetent managers can hide alot by keeping shtm. This goes for some of the Senior Officer’s involved in this tragedy. To date they have kept their mouths shut, hoping it would not come to this. And denial is THE affluent and ignorant man’s road to their own prosperity.

    This Health and Safety Hearing will bring the issues into the public domain, but with some managers being indecisive, officer’s on the ground have been forced into situations they will never forget. Nor should they have been forced into these situations. And all we do as a service is deny, deny, deny.

    The consequences are simple. If your child goes to a place they are not welcome then put simply, your child is at risk. I don’t mean “boy” as you refer to him. This relates to my child also. It relates to any child that is different. If we continue to have segregation then that is so because we choose it. But with segregation there is a cost; that cost is racism’s. Segregation, political, moral, and economical is the breeding ground for hatred. You have to remember we don’t have a voice. People who think as I do, we do not have a voice inside because we are oppressed by our managers and Black PEOPLE IN POWER ALSO, they too OPPRESS US. This is our voice.

  4. “Faiths must work together in this country to align themselves, not to themselves, but together”.

    Twining, you have so hit the nail on the head. Extremism breeds in a segregated society, and then this causes resentment in other parts of the society. And then we have the vicious circle that we have now. I saw a brilliant poster in a primary school not so long ago. It was a picture of loads of kids of all colours, faiths etc playing together, with the caption ,“WE all play under the same sun”. It really is that simple.

  5. Minty, Roses, spread the word, Twining is in TOWN and here to stay… Like **** do faiths actually talk to each other. It is so supericial that it’s a farce. People may not like what Twining has to say, but actually it’s not far wrong. Does the Church really wish to talk to Islam and vice versa? It’s a standing joke.

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