Call taking in Goa opens!

October 9, 2007

Member of the public, (MOP): Hello I want the police?
Call Taker Goa, (CTG): Hello Sir.
MOP: I need the police now, my car’s been stolen just.
CTG: OK Sir. Could I have some details Sir?
MOP: Are you in India?
CTG: Yes Sir. What sort of car do you own?
MOP: It’s a BMW 730d, it’s worth £45,000. Are you calling me Sir?
CTG: Yes Sir, I am. That’s rather nice Sir, does it have all leather?
MOP: Yes, it comes with a whole package?
CTG: Where abouts in the UK are you?
MOP: Avon and Somerset.
CTG: Where abouts is that Sir?
MOP: In England.
CTG: Is your car blue Sir and does it have special alloys?
MOP: Yes, how did you know that?
CTG: I am following it on CCTV now. It goes very fast it does! Wow! What’s the top speed?
MOP: Are you taking the piss mate?
CTG: No, no I can see it on CCTV, we have direct link by satellite to your area. (CTG takes all details and transfers incident to eh-hum and Somerset 15 minutes later.) Thank you for your call Sir? Is there anything else I can do for you? Insurance? Intranet assistance? Please call again. Have nice day.
MOP: (Asks his wife) “Darling, he’s asking me whether we want any insurance.” At this point the phone line goes drrrr and there is a clunk!


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