The World in Union….

October 14, 2007

Rugby Union World Cup 07 – World In Union

Isn’t this what life is about? The World in Union.

There’s a dream I dream I dream, a world so real, of a world in union, a world as one….One mind, one heart. Every breed, every colour, will join, never apart….If I win, lose or draw, there’s a winner in us all….It’s a world in union, a world as one, as we try to reach our destiny a new age has begun. We face high mountains….We must take our place in history and live with dignity….

Good wishes to all the readers and contributors to the Twining Chronicles. I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts and writings….All those on the sidebar have contributed….

This is the time to mention my wife, my son, my daughters, my parents, brother, sister and nephews. And a special thanks to my mother and father. They have made me me….

A new age has begun….  



  1. I am sure the French are not happy. Not much union there. But it seems to have been a successful world cup.

  2. John, nice to see your about. Well, The French played with flare but England played a strong game and then there is Johnny Wilkinson.

    I guess, it was also nice to see the Argentinian pumas. They cried during their national anthem. They have brought credibility to their nation. Well done to them.

  3. New age ? Whats all that about. Sounds like you’re doing a runner.

  4. No mate, not at all, no need to run…Just a note to say thank you to some people.

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