The dog and it’s tail….

October 18, 2007
The dog wags the tail, the tail wags, thereby indicating that the dog is happy. Reading the police review this week I was numbed by something from the Chair of a Muslim Support Association.
Sceptical people amongst the readership might wonder, well Twining’s Indian and well, what’s he going to say.
Well, the dog wags the tail, the tail wags, thereby indicating that the dog is happy. One wonders who leads the service? Yes, it’s a dog alright, the tail just follows attached to the body of the dog near the butt.
The tail in this case is this individual who reportedly as a support staff member had an excellent time whilst working in the Metropolitan Police. The way he has written suggests he didn’t suffer any racism there and he has an excellent relationship with the Chief Officer’s in Cambridgeshire. At this point I am puking up.
Ask the question, why is he Chair? If he hasn’t suffered why is he Chair? Any person that has an excellent relationship with their Chief Officer’s is normally a tail, “yes sir, no sir three bags full sir type of individual.”
This person will inevitably never help the cause of front line delivery in race relation’s. Now, the tail even had a go at DS Virdi, and you may have heard of this case because this is the case in which someone gained access to DS Virdi’s emails and then sent racist mails out to some officer’s. DS Virdi lost his job, but was re-instated. He won at tribunal where it was proved that this was a sick racist event.
According to the tail DS Virdi’s views that Black people wanting to join the job might want to think again have caused this tail to wag in an awkward movement in support of the Dog. The tail criticised DS Virdi’s views as being unhelpful to the cause. That’s right DS Virdi’s views wouldn’t be helpful to the future career aspiration’s of the tail. I puke again.
I have met persons like this tail before, who knows he may even make the Chair of the NBPA. He is after all a safe pair of hands. I puke again.
Name me any police blogger who knows that the dog is a fool, and has a good relationship with the dog. The point I was making was DS Virdi has had experiences and because the tail may sell out he should not demean those experiences to gain a better cha wala position for himself. These are the type of people that head up Black Police Association’s at the moment and worse still the dog want’s to listen to the tail…..
Now tail, are you prepared to sit in the same faith room and pray with me and my Christian and Sikh friends? I doubt it. One wonders just how middle class this tail is? No wonder the NBPA is in such a mess if it’s so near to the butts of leaders.

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