October 22, 2007


There are FOUR issues I wanted to refer to in this post. There is a fifth, Southwest has gone fishing! Hmpf!
(1) NEWSFLASH FROM TWINING HQ – Twining has JUST heard that the current NBPA President is on his way out. Such were his recent ramblings that the NBPA movement have decided enough of this carrot, JARRETT. On the eve of Conference Jarrett is going.
(2) I have observed carefully the reports on some of the evidence given at the Stockwell Head incident. The Firearms Team Leader broke down in tears and we have to have some compassion for him and his team. This Team Leader, in my opinion, has given credible evidence and to his ABSOLUTE  credit.
On the other hand Cressida’s evidence appears incredible. She has nailed her colours to the mast indicating she thought the firearms team would “stop” de Menezes. She also stated she did not give an order to shoot.
Clearly the buck is not hers, nor anything to do with her boss, Ian. NONE OF THEM WERE IN CHARGE. Meanwhile the Metropolitan Police Authority are reported to have some serious concerns about the leadership of the Senior Management Team at the Met, and in particular Ian’s lack of knowledge about what was going on and what had happened in relation to De Menezes.
The MPA PA describe the ongoings as “dysfunctional management,” Ian says they did not operate with “idiocy.” Twining predicts that Cressida will be held to account, and be retired, and that Ian will follow thereafter. The service does not need “Liberal” leaders of this sort. What is amazing is one rule for them and one rule for the minions.
Derbyshire Officer’s may recall the recent sacking of a DC in a harassment case for not managing; Cressida has done exactly the same here; not managed.
(3) Between Jarrett, Cressida and the Professor who is a previous Nobel Prize winner I am lost. This is ALSO AN issue of this blog piece. This Professor appears to think that genes derive some theoretical Superior/Inferior difference between White and Black. I really don’t know which is more deserving of a TWINING GONG.
(4) Finally, the LAW, and that’s not us, but the RRA law is an ass. Sergeant Simon posted on an issue about Vietnamese drug barons where the police had been criticised for being “racist” by wanting to warn landlords of the MO used by these drug barons.
I sourced the article Sergeant Simon refers to from the Daily Mail and I have to say that we have been penalised unnecessarily. The RRA obliges us to do all that we can to promote race equality. Clearly by warning Landlords that someone might commence a drug factory in their premises, that a competitor might then wish to burn it down, that they may not get rent, but might get threatened, hmmm.
Someone fears that our actions will mean that Landlords somehow will discriminate against Vietnamese people seeking to rent. Call me cynical but I don’t see many Vietnamese people renting in the Forces that had dealings with these barons. The law is an ass and those that are supposed to promote it are big ass’s! In short I don’t think what we did was racist.


  1. Fishing! more like crab feeding!!!

  2. Hi Twining – we have a casualty: http://belfastpeeler.blogspot.com/

    Can I suggest a comment in support?

  3. The Observer reports Jarrett as saying it.

  4. Jarrett then says he never said it and the press manipulated his words.

  5. Police Review say he said it and he doesn’t regret saying it.

  6. He said, she said… Sounds like playground chinese whispers!

  7. ASNT – in race relation’s the truth rarely comes out. Chinese whispers, a nice multicultural name for this article…. Thanks ASNT.

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