NBPA AGM 2007 – Breaking news….

October 29, 2007

Folks, you read it here first…..

You may/may not be aware but Jarrett was forced out at the AGM last week. This does not surprise me at all.

I challenged Jarrett when he took up office as to his involvement in some shannigans. In fact I advised him to resign then. Back then he politely told me to back off.

Since he did not accept nor do anything to remedy how he and others had treated a Black colleague who happened to be right, I realised then that some in the NBPA were ruthless and not innocent for they were doing exactly what we were trying to dismantle.

Interestingly one other colleague stood besides me whilst my local distanced themselves also. 

The elect cabinet of the last two years have been forced OUT also, and this is excellent news for the police service – for an incompetent movement does nothing at all, but who had the power back then? It certainly was not the anti racist movement. Why did the situation get so bad? And does it benefit ACPO and the Home Office to actually control things? 



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