And what about Sir Ian’s turban?

November 2, 2007


Man on left: “It’s mine.”

Man in middle: “No, it’s mine. Who’s the dude on my left?”

Sir Ian: “I’m rather cold here chaps. Tea? Where’s my staff officer? Where’s my tunic?” In fact who am I? Can I get a sanctioned detection out of this?” 

It’s official. Bloggs has written about this, as have many others police bloggers.  But in my case the “taking of Sir Ian’s turban,” refers to suggestions that he should now resign after the Metropolitan Police were found guilty under Health and Safety Legislation in relation to tragic death of Jean Charles de Menezes.

So, should the people remove “Sir Ian’s Turban?” Is it time for Blair to move on? Not according to Ian it isn’t….

One of the critical comments of this hearing was that Cressida Dick was “found” not culpable. This is interesting because the Metropolitan police were found guilty as a body, but the senior officer in charge was not guilty of anything. How can this be? This only proves one thing, a headless organisation exists.

According to cressida she would not have done anything else differently.   So much for experiential learning. And what about Cresidda’s PDR? Oh no, I forgot, that will be done by Ian.

If Sir Ian’s turban is to be removed then Cressida Dick  needs to move on too, for they only have the support of the middle class minority ethnic person who themselves have no operational resilience and ultimately have little dealings with others in their communities.



  1. Sorry Twining, but I see no reason why cressida or Sir Ian should resign.

  2. Annette its ok to disagree. Cressida was in charge and an innocent man has been tragically killed. This man happened to be minority ethnic. Please remember that even after the death of Lawrence no one was prepared to resign. We don’t get change for free.

  3. Furthermore, the Met denied any breach of health and safety, and they denied institutional racism before the final report was published. As soon as the report came out the Met and every other Force admitted institutional racism exists. The force is culpable but no individual is. AND IT IS only culpable after it has caused minority ethnic people that are affected, stress. I give up.

  4. Yes an innocent man has been killed, but it was under such stressful circumstances. I’ll do a blog about it, and will explain why I think that no-one should resign over this matter. o.k.?

  5. Annette, OK? So, we spend millions on race relation’s traning and we don’t cover racial stereotypes, and conflict situations when they may arise? Why are we doing the training? If it’s a tick box exercise to serve leaders like Blair and Dick then it’s simply not acceptable.

    The training should help our colleagues. When leaders are not so honest, and they promote a like similar to themselves, that’s when the likes of Stephen Lawrence and de Menezes suffer. This is just the police part. There are other sectors of society that are a part of this cause but remain quiet. I have seen the training. In short, it’s there to cover the backsides of leaders. It is anything but effective traning. Annette, please do a blog entry.

  6. Twining, This is nonsence, I have looked searched and sought to find out actualy what act, & section or even law the met as a whole has in fact breached. Do you know? My head still cant understand how H&S law can be applied to some one who is not actually an employee of the Met..

  7. I don’t know for sure Thin blue, I can’t find the section but I think it’s a bit like us being responsible for the actions we take. When we carry out an op order we health and safety risk asess to ensure that members of the public aren’t hurt by our actions. This is about duty of care I guess.

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