Haven’t we been here before?

November 9, 2007

Understandably perhaps I am still a little upset l, but I am thankful to friends and colleagues who have left comments and good wishes on the previous article. There is another reason for my upset. Chiefs must think we are we just unintelligent Indians, and some are, but I am not. I’ll speak about that another time. There is a debate about immigration and it’s really getting rather silly. It’s like we have been pushed back into the 1970’s with the influx of Ugandan Asians, but this time it’s Eastern Europeans.

They smell, they eat spicey food, they live together in one house, they all travel in one car, they wear all that jewellery, they live off the dole, they are first on the council house lists, they have the latest TV’s and videos, and they send all their money abroad.   Some facts – they came over with that jewellery, they may live together to cut costs to be able to afford a house of their own soon.

When they settled here, they didn’t know the areas. Most work, doing jobs the host community may not wish to do. What else are they to do with their time other than watch videos? Bollywood! Der!   So what will our youngsters now do? No doubt assaults on these immigrants will increase, but is there any doubt that this is caused by the negativity displayed in the debates, in the media, and inevitably this rubs off on youngsters. You’d have thought we would have learnt. And to top this all, the Patel’s of the 1970’s are now behaving like the Jones’s and are also saying no to immigration. Lest we forget where we came from and the fact that we are all one.

Dear Lord. We probably have under reporting and one of the recommendations of Macpherson has still not been hit, 24-hour independent reporting centres. Who’s our key? It’s the PBO who sees and hears things. So tell me now where under reporting might be a concern, and why have our Liberal illustrious Chiefs shied away?

I’m leaving on a jet plane…….. 




  1. Leaving on a jet plane? You and me both! It is still shocking to me to hear long settled immigrant familys blame immigration for the problems in the area. Yes, crime amongst Eastern Europeans is on the increase. That’s because the Eastern European population in the UK is on the increase. No surprise. But the vast majority work their arses off and frankly shame a lot of the “I’m white English and proud of it mate” brigade that we come across, living in their council homes and claiming off the dole.
    Deep breath.

  2. It’s interesting how, when wealth is shared, evryone wants to blame the immigrant community? Now, there is some truth that there will be Eastern European criminals, and some slackers, but all of them? I despair ASNT. As I say it’s the beat officer that picks up the tab. Long standing immigrant families might also not partake in the root causes. It reminds of a goodness gracious me sketch.

  3. To the proud of it brigade, ask the question, if you have to house someone, do you choose someone working and paying the taxes that fund your pension, or someone sat on their backside scrounging. Interesting that their answer is usually diametrically opposed to their own immigrants out diatribe!

    Whilst we have an undereducated native ‘underclass’ the problem will only get worse. As (yetanother) aside, last year I helped organise a petition to try to prevent the deportation of a little lad from my kids school – none of the other English mums would sign it – “he shouldn’t be here in the first place” – I don’t live in the UK, the English community are by definition economic migrants, yet the irony of that fact didn’t occur to these oh so good ladies! Felt like burning my passport.

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