Bloggs – racist, no way. Not in my opinion

November 14, 2007


Bloggs, I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to add my ten peneth. I think what Blogg’s was trying to say was, well, when things are recorded as racist incidents or crimes it is difficult to delete them, and it takes hours looking into matters, and they might not be racist. And she might be right. We have to distinguish between those that use the system and those that are genuine. We also have to decipher between tokens inside and those Black colleagues that care. Gees! Then there are tokens in society! As for Bloggs being racist, we have lost the plot, let’s tackle the real issues inside, the use of tokens, etc.

Anti racism is a joke inside the service, a joke, and perhaps that is also her point. It is easy in this culture of denial to demean what real anti racism is. Here are a few reasons, just a few, as to why the de Menezes case may have caused Ian and us some difficulty:

(1) The Commissioner wasn’t in overall control. He delegated to Haydon. He too wasn’t in overall control because he delegated to Dick. Was Dick in control? Haydon also misled the public. Yes he did, no he did not! Did he? Do we understand just how patronising it is to be misled? For the service to do this creates a lack of trust and the leaders did this, but then they say they are building trust! And it’s only a perceptiion. Make your  mind up please.

(2) Cressida Dick wouldn’t have done things differently, or so she says. Right on. Nice one Cressida! How is that supposed to make the family of de Menezes feel? And this is a Senior Officer.

(3) The Commissioner says, “sack me if you can,”  but also impedes an IPCC enquiry. Nice one Ian.

(4) The MPA question who has control over the Met or is there dysfunctional leadership, definately dysfunctional kaboodle.

(5) Commander Paddick adds some honesty into the debate. The Met say woah to Paddick! Paddick says, “bye.”

A reason why things still matter:

(1) The firearms Team Leader was honest. He gave honest  and credible evidence in my opinion and showed compassion.  Neither Haydon nor Dick have demonstrated anything of this sort.


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