Pissing in the wind…..

November 19, 2007


To see that my last post raised one eyebrow is unsurprising. Maybe our illustrious leaders might wish to answer:

(1) Do we really know that we are more likely to stop Black people as opposed to White people?

(2) What do the stop, stop search figures really indicate?

(3) How are these figures compared in relation to ethnic demographics?

(4) Are we more likely to stop Black people in an area populated by Black people?

So, why can’t these questions be answered? Because we, us Black people, don’t know what we are talking about, ( Sarcasm!). 

(5) The question is, do we treat people in urban areas disproportionately to the youth stopped in a rural area for being drunk and abusive?

Argh, who knows, maybe I should just shut up and continue pee’ing in the wind.

I got the rather apt title from another colleague police blogger – respect to 200 weeks I think. But since we as Black colleagues are brought into line whenever we step out of line, I had better er rephrase the title to Kaboodle. On second thoughts, me, shut Up, nahhhh! 



  1. Ah, I thought I’d seen that title somewhere before…..

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  3. I think if we all keep pee’in together surely some of it will reach it’s destination.

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