Don’t buy petrol from Texaco or Chevron….

November 20, 2007

rangoon.jpegThe choice is now, on the streets of the UK. Noddy, Area Search, Response Plod, Dickiebo and Roses have supported the cause – what cause? What am I talking about? I wish I knew. In a conversation with my daughter today, and she’s only 10, I asked her what was 140,000 multiplied by £20. Her maths being far better than mine, she duly gave me the answer = £2.8million.

Noiw, a little birdy from awaaz has advised me that both Texaco and Chevron are running the oil pipelines in Burma. AND WHAT’S HAPPENING IN BURMA?

So, I figured if all 140,000 or so police officer’s stopped the purchase of petrol for one week from Texaco at least, because Chevron DON’T OPERATE HERE, then we would hit Texaco WHERE IT HURTS. And if we all did it, this wouldn’t be pee’ing in the wind!

This is one life. Either these issues affect you or they don’t. So what are you going to do? You can do nothing or do something.


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