Is it true that the leaders of the Met….

November 20, 2007


……are going to engage gang leaders? Lots of people are criticising this approach but is it not time for some sort of amnesty? I am certainly not saying we shouldn’t prosecute, but it ain’t easy to get over this, is it? Maybe this is a way forwards in the short term. Remember this picture above? Yes, this is Jessie James. Jessie was shot dead while out on his bike with his friends in the notorious Moss Side district in June 2006. Since 2006 no one has been brought to account. The police have hit what is termed a “wall of silence.” I remember the same type of “wall” that came up in the Stephen Lawrence case back in 1993; even though we had some information back then. Let’s therefore not “diss” this attempt by the Met. Maybe Mossside and other areas will follow suit….

My guess is this type of intervention has come from the experience of the USA. Now, you all USA police bloggers, do you know if my hunch on this is true?


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  1. Nothing to do with your post… but thought you might like it:

    Russell Peters in action.

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