November 22, 2007

Russell Peters Accents Clip

This you tube link came to me from Area Search No Trace. This clip is about Indian accents and those who proceed to take the pee! Anyway, England 2, Croatia 3. This was shocking news but no matter how hard I tried to convince him, Ian Blair simply doesn’t want The England football managers job. Please find the following quotes from the two men:

Ian/Steve when they took over: 

“We are the greatest. It is our way or no way.”

Ian/Steve shortly after:

“What can we do to stamp our marks. I’ll get rid of Beckham, you can cock up policing.”

Ian/Steve when things go wrong: 

“It’ their fault, (blame the immigrants).”

And finally at the end of the game:

“We both admit total failure, but only if we both get a golden and Masonic handshake together.”



  1. Tapan Trivedi.

    Need I say anymore.

    Above all else, humour conquers.

  2. Dear Mr Trivedi I think humour can be used maliciously, and I hasten to add neither of us are using it in this way; but it can also be used to get a message across.

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