Just who is breaching whose human rights?

November 27, 2007


Have a view of the below link if you dare. An English teacher in Sudan may face prosecution because her young children, (students), wanted to name their teddy bear Mohammed.

The cynic in me says someone wil l play the anti islamic card on me here FOR MY VIEWS. But JUST  who is breaching whose human rights? 

If anything the children associate what they love with Mohammed. That is quite positive. Therefore who has negatised this whole issue?

Some time ago an egoistic Hindu group had similar problems with associating Mother Mary with Krishna. They just would not have it. Let’s be about right, both views are actually rather racist.

In the former I am not having a go at Islam, but Islam needs to look at itself if the teacher is to be “lashed.” In the latter CASE the fundamental Hindus in my opinion were wrong. It is this absurdity that causes unecassary friction.

ISN’T IT THEREFORE ABOUT TIME TO STAND UP TO BIGOTRY?  Or you can just keep quiet of course……



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