A Twining gong is awarded to….

November 29, 2007

bigben.jpga Chief. Argh but which one? Is it the Chief, or the Assistant or a CS? Well? Hmm. Well done; in a few sweeping statements you have moved the BPA backwards 10 years with the help of a few Black colleagues.

(1) Under your guidance it is now indeed acceptable to complete BPA work in one’s own time. My response to you is, well, you do it Boss!

(2) Please therefore find a few incompetent Black colleagues that will do what you ask, but please look at their background, their intelligence and their qualifications. 

Ask yourself is this really consultation because that’s what you will say it is to the HMIC.

(3) Oh, but these things and their ability to write detailed reports doesn’t matter, because that’s what they don’t want. They don’t want people that can think intelligently and write at the same time, and say things that might suggest they are fooling the system. It’s far better to employ puppets.

(4) Thank you for confusing everyone by recognising the achievements of selected BPA members that sing the organisation’s song when it suits by referring to them as “big men.” Allegedely these people have the ability to communicate in your language. One wonders which language that is? One wonders what also is the message here?

Toe the party line and we will award you an award, blah, blah, blah. Don’t toe the line and we won’t value you. In fact we will demean you.

(5) Note also how interesting it it to see that those Black officer’s that are being pushed by Senior Officer’s attend just to gleen information which they can then give back to those mentorring them.

You know why I know this is true? It’s because those Black colleagues that get support have been told to deny being supportted by Seniors. So the Seniors can pick and choose who to support.  And while they can pick and choose who actually benefits? They, the Seniors, and some Black officers benefit because they won’t get someone answering them back and the seniors also now have pets.

This allows the Seniors not to recognise their personal racism’s. Remember race courses are for minions not the seniors because race is a minion type problem. And this allows the seniors to continue to do what do good liberals do best; nothing!

It’s a joke, an absolute shambles within the BPA and Forces. So with all this, who controls the BPA? The seniors do because incompetent Black colleagues can’t see beyond thier own personal benefits. The seniors control the incompetence of the BPA.


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