Let’s put the shoe on the other foot now shall we.

December 1, 2007

I have noticed quite an increased intensity recently to criticise other faiths. OK we may be right to criticise in the case of the teacher and the teddybear. But what about when we are criticised here about how we treat minority people? It’s like duck off a water’s back! Let’s look at some commonalities shall we.

(1) The teacher was jailed for a small matter.

(2) The sentence appears to have been rather harsh.

(3) The Sudanese government said this has all been blown out of proportion, yet does nothing to correct it.

(4) Wait, the Sudanese government will do what others do, they will wait for a challenge.

(5) There are several calls for an inependant enquiry in which the leader of the Sudanese Government will be asked to resign.

(6) Now this is all rather harsh old bean, especially the bit about resignations.

(7) It is also rather harsh to jail someone for naming a teddy bear Krishna, don’t you think? I quite like the name Krishna and if my teddy bear were named Krishna I would be rather chuffed. Not that I have a teddy bear at all let alone one named Krishna! But if I had a teddy bear I would love it! Just like these children do, as people love Krishna or Mohammed or Jesus even.

(8) One also can’t understand why the teacher never chose the names Sanjeev or Meera, or Bhangraman, after Goodness Gracious Me or the names, Dick, Richard or Johnny even? 


One comment

  1. Let’s wait for it! And the leader of Sudan doesn’t resign! Wow, it could happen anywhere but let’s get over it! I say the latter in jest, a bit of sattire!

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