Her name is Mary…..

December 3, 2007

….and I met her a few weeks ago when off duty my car broke down. The phone had packed up. There was no street lighting and I was stranded.

Luckily I knocked on Mary’s door, told her I was off duty, showed my warrant card and asked whether she would ring the RAC for me.

Mary and her husband had guests that evening; I made my call and was heading off back to the car when Mary suggested I stay as it was cold. I called home, and we chatted. I stayed and I found out she was now a retired nurse.  

The RAC arrived, but it was 90 minutes gone when I said my good byes. Even then Mary came out to make sure we were all right. Sometimes we just need good caring people.

Yesterday I met up with Mary yet again, but this time it was my turn to pass on a bottle of 2006 red wine, a Chirag is what I think it was called. Anyway, Mary was chuffed. No doubt we may see her again.

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