It’s now or never….

December 5, 2007

It has taken a good few years for the Muslim Council Of Britain to agree to attending the Holocaust memorials.

It is now time for this organisation and the Hindu Forum of Britain to perhaps condemn the recent threat by terrorists in Iraq to murder a British hostage held there.

The demand of the terrorists in this case are totally unrealistic. The question remains for us all, what is it to be British? 

Of course these organisation’s can sit on the fence also. There is a choice here; we either condemn or condone this. Twining condemns the actions of these terrorists as racist.



  1. Are we British?

    Yes – unfortunately!


    By the way, I’ve added you to my Blogroll today – would you return the favour please? Cheers

  2. Stan still, I would be honoured to add you.

  3. Thanks!

  4. I am slightly puzzled by your inclusion of the Hindu Forum of Britain, which has vociferously spoken against terrorism of any kind time and time again: including after the London bombings, Mumbai bombings, Pearl Kidnapping and several other times. The MCB has been silent on several occasions, and many of these times, the perpetrators have been Muslim. But what does the Hindu Forum of Britain have in relation to such incidents and why are you clubbing it with the MCB when there is no correlation?

  5. There are mixed messages here. The MCB sometimes are quiet for they are trying to unravel how to deal with terrorism in their midst, after all it is within the extreme wing of Islam. And then the media hardly sells the Muslim community when it does speak against terorism. The HFB and MCB are very similar in that they both may have wings that may be pretty exclusionary.

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