Yes we have been shafted…

December 7, 2007

…and in terms of shafting this is definately a very high quality and planned shafting, in my opinion of course. Remember I am only allowed an opinion, the rest of my colleagues are allowed OBSERVATIONS.

It’s not so amazing when people we think we can trust, shaft us. Welcome to my world FOLKS.  I’ve had a few more shaftings, you know, ECONOMY WITH THE TRUTH.

Oh the contempt of this Home Secretary, oh, and didn’t Blunkett shaft us as well? Let’s not go there. And what about Reid? He cameth, he shaftedeth, and then wenteth.

Everyone is up in arms but blaming the wrong people……Colleagues seem to think the Federation have no “balls,” or in other words, are toothless tigers.

Well that depends on individual Federation members. Some are toothless, some do the work as a jolly, some care, and some go out of there way to correct things that have gone pear shaped.

I don’t see many others willing to stick their head up when it counts. So please, let’s not blame the Federation, YET! Make no mistakes here, the Government is at fault, Jackie is at fault. This is an, an, an attempt at seeing how far the Federation will go. But of course, we can’t strike, no, no, nor can we talk about striking. SO WHAT SHALL WE DO?



  1. All I can say is my Fed Rep is a top man who always tells the SMT how it is. I seriously doubt he is on any of their Christmas card lists. I think we all know there are some free loaders in the fed but there are some good reps who are prepared to stick their neck out and work hard for their members.

  2. The Federation has been awfully quiet of late. Have they not solved the grievances of its members. Its a funny union.

  3. Southwest, I am with you on this one. What you say about Christmas card lists is true. Anyone that doesn’t toe the party line won’t be on the SMT’s list my friend.

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