Anyone fancy a walk?

December 8, 2007


I don’t know whether Jackie realises just how angry the majority of police officer’s are about her contempt and deceipt. What is she expecting?

I don’t know what she thinks she’ll get but I do know what we might wish to do. She doesn’t think we have the capacity to march on rest days to 10 Downing Street. She might be right. I don’t believe we have the capacity as a whole. Governments, however, seem to be chewing away at every last bit of discretion we have.

Were we to arrange some peaceful marches, “Ghandian style” remiss of peaceful resistance this might really pee the Government off and affect their ability to come back into power. Now this would affect them. Deary me…..

This whole issue has the potential to sink Labour’s ship and send the Conservative ship off course too. We can and should carry on doing the job to the best of our ability, and we can also sink this Home Secretary and the Government, but whether we can do this depends on 140,000 people.  Are Cameron’s Tories really any different? Anyone fancy a walk?



  1. Twining mate you are correct, the Tories are not bothered and are probably glad someone has done what they would like to do, given the chance. Where we go now is anybody’s guess, but you can count on me to do whatever it takes, so put my name down!

  2. Yeah we should do it!!

    Oh but they’ve written news law to stop protests in parliment square!! F**k it the MET surely wouldn’t lock their own.

  3. Mmm, and how long until every thoroughfare in the land is renamed parliament square?

  4. J, hmm, you do not mean “Sus” do you?

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