Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? ~ Galatians 4:16

December 18, 2007

I am bemused that in the run up to Christmas over the last few weeks there have been a number of articles where the debate has allowed some “right” wing radical views from shall we say, some non police bloggers, to come out.

It is one thing celebrating Christmas, it is another to undermine the good work across communities. Winterfall, is it! It’s Christmas. Not being allowed to wear a cross chain is rather silly.

Some of us do celebrate Christmas. Most of us will take part and enjoy the festivities; all be it in a  different way.

And if some choose not to, that’s their choice. As for integrating people of different faiths, yes we should try, but thereafter it’s a personal choice, and as long as that choice is reasoned then we can all respect the choices of others. Or can we? I am still searching for the one Muslim person from Ruralshire.

Of course there is stupidity amongst some police leaders, but in being frank who places people that don’t understand the issues about integration into police posts?

It’s managers seeking their way up the ladder. Who places token and some incompetent Black people in these posts? It’s these same managers. And this occurs daily where people inside can take the pee out of these non performers because it is rather embarassing to see them not perfom in the public domain, but then what do we do about it?  

We laugh in quiet and together. Is this what some of us do? Yet, it’s the same system that fails us.

There is a stark difference between supporting those that care, and supporting a liberal and PC minded unfair system. 

In this vain the radicals on either side appear as bad as each other. Popularity is like the X factor, majority view rules, but majority view may not always be right as we keep seeing….Do police bloggers therefore have a responsibility? I think we do,  but this is just my opinion. And that’s probably predicatable, interesting and wrong….but wrong from who’s perspective? 

I am sorry if I have pee’d some people off but the tone in some police blogs has a go at diversity and minority people that come in to speak to us.  

Don’t just blame them; blame the fascists that are using them. Because the people of colour will never hear that people are laughing at them behind closed doors. That way something might just change.

All the feedback they get is, they did fine. Like I say, it’s like the X factor; fixed. Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? ~ Galatians 4:16. I got the last bit from a mate, Noddy.



  1. I love Christmas, and I don’t apologise for that. I don’t attend Church, i’m British, I attended a C of E school. I’m not what you’d call a practising Christian. A large percentage of people that celebrate it may have been born Christian, but don’t attend church. To them it has become a national holiday, a festival, a time for family. I work with people of other faiths that also celebrate Christmas- it’s fun. So how exactly is that not inclusive. If people choose not to celebrate christmas, then that is up to them (though it must be nearly impossible to ignore in the UK). I thought part of Diversity was supposed to celebrate the fact that we are not all the same? Merry Christmas.

  2. Minty you have hit the issue. If people don’t want to celebrate that’s their choice, but equally they should not demand that the CHRISTMAS theme be changed to include them when they don’t want to be included. These people are few and far between but some blogs are encouraging the use of negative sterotypes against all people that are different in colour whether we take part in Christmas or not.

  3. A response to your email; simply, “Yes!”

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