Some very merry placard suggestions….

December 20, 2007

….for the forthcomingJanuary 23rd march in London.

You see me here, you see me there! (The Pink Panther rules!)

Gadget rules in Ruralshire!

If Gadget rules, who the f — is the Chief Constable of this county of sheep followers?

Noddy goes to London to talk to Big Ears Gordon Brown about police pay! Noddy confirms the PM is Indian.

Dickie and Stan Still come out of retirement for the 23rd January.  

BAWPC poses for  NEW Police calendar!

Frankyfact, Bigfella, UNPC, Southwest and Twining are seen leaving the march to charge to the shops to get their copies of said calender!

PC found scouring the streets looks for Jacqui in London. Area Searched No Trace.

Bloggs takes up her next challenge from Monday books, to overthrow Jacqui. Who says women dont do self-defence?

Southwest calls a halt to the shark tactics of new labour. A tabloid newspaper, The Twining Chronicles, reports.

Police Dog finds unkown female causing ASB in a House so common in London. A slight nip in the backside occurs. WEB to the rescue.

Gordon Brown was so bemused by the wonderful fragrance of Roses that he offers a revised pay deal of 20% per year plus free yearly trips to our new call centres in Goa to all.


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