Issue 1 – Twining Chronicles – 22 December 2007

December 22, 2007

Welcome – A big welcome to readers  both from the UK , and our International readership also. Welcome to this very first weekly addition of the Twining Chronicles. 

A Christmas message from the Pink Panther –  A merry christmas to everyone who has contributed constructively to the chronicles in 2007. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year but it’s cold outside, so please spare a thought for the people that have nowhere to stay. This kind of reminds me of a song I used to sing, “nowhere man, please listen.”

Seriously, there will be plenty of people living on the streets, in cardboard boxes; some old, some very very young. I guess this is my Christmas message to readers; please remember these people this Christmas, and the debate between Islam and Christianity, well this frankly means nothing when we talk about people living in boxes.  

This week we talk about football, a bit about who is really behind the police pay scandal, but the first issue would not be complete without Sir Ian Dare, (whoops Blair). There’s one final exclusive at the very very end.

Immigration is to blame for our exit from Euro 2008 – We, British, appear to find excuses for everything, it’s never our fault. Some pundits are even suggesting that England are out of the European championships because of the incoming high number of foreign players to the premiership.

This is an absurd and colonial excuse for failure. Let’s consider some facts: The England team that failed to qualify was managed by McClaren. Who put this ego maniac in charge? Remember what he did to Beckham?

England also arguably have some of the best players in the world; Owen, Rooney, Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, Richards, Joe Cole, Hargreaves, etc. The premiership is the best league in the world and the game has got much more advanced, faster and technical because of the influx of good foreign players.

I’m with the ex Chelsea man on this and the real reason for failure is the FA’s decision to employ a man by the name of Steve. And now we have employed another foreigner, Capello, presumably to blame him as well.

The Twining Chronicles did promise some guest articles in the new year. Why wait? Here’s the first ever guest article in the Chronicles from Scribblesheet – 

“On the 7th of January 2008 Fabio Capello will begin his reign as the manager of the English national team. The job has been dubbed the second most important job in the country by the Italian press.

Some have questioned the appointment of a foreign national manager. The likes of Trevor Brooking favoured the appointment of an English manager such as Alan Curbishley. But haven’t we been here before? Steve Mclaren was supposed to be our English saviour and he failed.

It is about time England brought someone on with a serious pedigree. That either had to be Jose Mourinho or Fabio Capello. I welcome this foreign invasion if it bring us major silverware. The trophy cabinet has been left empty for 41 years. It’s time for a change.

If there are any naysayers out there, let me trot out some statistics….5 Italian Championships, 3 times Runner Up, 2 Spanish Championships, 2 Italian FA Cups and 1 Champions League. Drop the xenophobia, he’s the best man for the job.”

Twining says – All this rather makes me think, and I have been known for thinking a little. We have just managed to get one of the best managers available and still we carry on about wanting English? Sadly some of my childhood hero’s like Brooking are a bit of a let down. My only question is, “Does anyone fancy a Chinese or Indian, or shall we have fish and chips instead?”    

The police pay issue reaches an all time low this week – Richard Brunstorm, the Chief Constable of North Wales, whose blog is nothing more than rather mundane, has spiced up matters be referring to the tactics of this Labour Government in endearing ways; “tactless” is one word used by Mr Brunstorm.

Well done from Twining, Boss. Sadly there are many other Chief Officer’s who still sit on the fence publicly to see what will happen next. Have a good Christmas Mr Brunstorm and if you want some advice on blogging please feel free to email me at twining4321@yahoo.co.uk

Gordon Brown – The real force behind the contempt – It would appear that the Home Secretary is a dog, a bit of a lap dog philosophically speaking of course, who is carrying out the wishes of none other than the PM, Gordon Brown.

It is farcical that the Government thinks it can spin this pay deal as an aspect of inflation. They, this labour Governement, must think the public are silly, and some are.

But breaking an arbitration decision is not about budget constraints, but news about what is to follow for the police. And the Tories are remaining rather quiet on this matter too. So, whilst the Home Secretary fronts this, remember who is behind this decision not to backdate police pay. And no, it’s not Sir Ian! He can’t think on two planes.

Sir Ian Blair has come out – just before Christmas to advise that he isn’t part of the group seeking the Home Secretary’s resignation. Now, this is abit of an old boy, a dinosaur, who tends to come out now and then and mostly when he does he tends to come out with idiotic comments like this. Does he always sit on his fence? Must be rather painful.

Sir Ian states that the Home Secretary is a good Home Secretary, but he has advised her that the decison to not back date his police pay is wrong.

Well, Sir Ian, the editorialship at The Twining Chronicles realises that you know which side your bread is buttered on. You obviously like layers of jam.  Twining says, “For once be a leader and support the troops and the real issues, but I guess your staff officer didn’t think about that, did he Sir Ian?”

And finally to this week’s exclusive – Blogg’s and Gadget have finally met and most of us have waited for this for some time  with baited breath, and where do they meet? Camden of all places.

And oh what a Cosmopolitan borough where White and Black folk live together, and Muslims of course, plenty of those, but sadly there are no sheep.

In jest, this meeting was so damn exclusive that well, er, we weren’t allowed in. Until next week, “read all about it, read all about it.” Next week in issue 2 we bring in the New year with a brief look at the past 12 months from the eyes of Twining.


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  2. Have a good Christmas (whether you celebrate it, or not).

    Be safe honey.

  3. Brookings views were a bit of a shame. Capello is good for the job.

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