Positive discrimination….Bloggs speaks out again…..

December 29, 2007

Bosses play games and mismanage incompetent people into jobs. PC Bloggs has written an excellent article about some female managers like Jacqui Smith who make terrible errors. Then there’s Keith Jarrett of the NBPA. A MAN THAT CAN’T STRING A SENTENCE OR A REPORT BUT CAN TAKE THE LEGS OF GOOD BLACK OFFICER’S.

Anyway back to Ellie. She calls it ,” A kick in the face for feminists.” How did they get there to that position of power, these feminists? It’s because they have done some serious behaving like their managers, taken a few legs on the way up, and forgotten who they are.

The managers who promoted do so based on their views. They promote a like similar to them. almost  mirror image. So, is it any wonder that Commander Dick behaves like Ian Blair? Sadly as Bloggs says, we may not see her as Chief, but that is sad, because those with passion don’t move up, as people like Jacqui Smith and her bosses will diss them as mythical writers.

I have been arguing this for some time because I have noticed the same of some Black officer’s. I called this “pick and mix” rhetoric theory, (PAMRD), and it’s where bosses choose which minority ethnic  staff to push and promote.

These “boys”, the minority ethnic boys, pushed won’t say boo or a word on real issues of diversity. In my opinion they sell out who they really are, but the bosses love them because they think alike, (mirror image). It doesn’t take a genius to realise if they think alike, what really will change? Even the HMIC are  a part of this. 

So, these sell outs will go out in the community and say we are doing a splendid job. They are also PR guru’s. in essence they don’t tell the communities the truth and manager’s use them for this.

The community is used in the same way. Tokenistic individuals are sought from the middle classes to come on over and have a “samosa and a sandwich.” 

It’s a bit like Cowboys and Indians. The sad thing is these individuals tell on the good work that is being done or the questions that are being asked by good people inside. And some do exist in the NBPA movement. Liberal leaders feel good about this because they’ve then done their bit for the Africa’s by promoting tokenistically. What they have really done is “pee” good people off. The farce of it…



  1. Ali Dizzy? Tarique Gaffur? (Not sure of the spelling, but I know you’ll know who I mean!)

  2. I had a look at the posts relating to yours. Area Trace No Search, has a link to an American female marine, who blogged on the matter of fitness and their forces and it made interesting reading.

    I don’t think positive descrimination works for the very reasons you laid out in your article. Tokenism only reinforces prejudice and rigid thinking. What the service needs is people who are capable and willing to do the job asked of them, regardless of genger, race, religion. But that’s the ideal in an imperfect rule.

    So what’s the answer?

    I suspect the answer lies not in the people in the lower end of the organisation, but in the higher eschelons. It’s actually they who need to change. It’s called leadership.

    Different, but equal is a diversity challenge that gets lost in the well-meaning preaching of the politically correct brigade and I suspect switches off the very people who need to adjust their behaviour. And quite frankly, having silly debates about whether we should embrace Christmas really undermines the diversity cause, especially since they are usually delivered by the white, middle-class well-meaning politically correct brigade.

  3. Roses, thank you, there are some that just seem to have a go suggesting some of us are the problem. They miss the point and don’t realise they are the PC brigade. We are not the problem. And you really point this out well. Thanks.

  4. No honey, we’re the solution.

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