The Twining Chronicles – Issue 3, 5th January 2008

January 3, 2008

Closet Tokens– Who are these closet tokens? In short, this means people who use their god endowed self  for their own benefits. Bloggs posted about this in relation to some women. I posted about this and Dickiebo was quick to mention Ghaffur and Dizaie. As tokens? 

I was thinking more about Jarrett. There are some executive members of the NBPA. Let’s query their graduate status in race relation’s? I think they may have few qualifications.

There are more intelligent people on the periphery of the NBPA than their is inside. Why? Mcfarlane I believe actually hand picked a number of people over many years, a PC hand picked! You could have thought they might have left it to a boss, (tokenism).

Ghaffur has not always talked about race. Until the latter stages of his career it was never a problem. As for Dizaie, well he has always been loud mouthed but he has been right. Ghaffur I believe was controlled for many years but then he got some benefits also.

Now that Ghaffur has spoken our Sir Ian Blair does not favour him. But all of a sudden around the dinner tables of middle class suburbia is this man who is now a guru. Hmm. Gadget might be referring to some of these people when he talks about left wing people; he might be referring to Liberals per se. Hmm, me, I think this is wrong. Who ultimately used Ghaffur? That’s where the left wing liberals dominate and sit above Black people.

Most Chiefs tolerate BPA’s, they certainly don’t want competent BPA’s who question their elite liberalism.

Black officer’s get together, have a laugh, and a meeting and then think everything is fine because they have met! It’s a joke over a samosa.

This level of anti racism has reached an all time liberal low.

What Gadget, (G), and other followers of his blog might try is differentiating between the bad boyz and the good boyz.

Stopping everyone just because they might be making bombs is naive, but I can understand the thought. This can only lead to the scourge similar to what we experienced in the 1980’s; race riots, and “sus.” What goes round  comes around.

There is no doubt that the current meaning of the word Black on the streets of Britain is hard line Islamic youths. Let’s stop everyone, as a slogan is therefore hurtful and dangerous because innocent Black people going about their business won’t like getting a second class deal, but then to have to stop for the law just in case is a recipe for disaster. 

The impersonator– I have to thank the big G for pointing out that a spurious comment left on his blog purporting to be from me was correctly classified as not being from me.

Thanks G. I haven’t the time to comment on the impersonator but you’re not even close. And if I can help please feel free to email me if my understanding threatens you into silly behaviours. I have found that one tends to threaten the colonial mentality.

A review of the year– A big thank you to planet police for linking to me. This year Twining gave the superb Twining Oscar to Noddy for being anti racist and raising awareness of the situation in Burma, to Marja for being Marja, to Copperfield for saving lots of paper by blogging, and to Dickiebo for his pictures of Anguila.

The coveted Twining gong was awarded three times to Sir Ian Blair for his outrageous handling of the de Menezes case. A record? Hmm, one thinks, he thought, that if he didn’t know he wouldn’t be held responsible. He was right. Sir Ian also got an award for wearing a turban. Boss it didn’t suit you, if you are reading this, take the turban off.

Gongs were also awared to Jarrett of the NBPA, Andy Hayman, and Cressida Dick. And Ms Spence was duly awarded the coveted Twining banana for insisting that she be given more money to police Polish people, whilst really meaning she wanted it for PCSO’s. The cheek of it.

This year we lost many good colleagues. I remember PC Jon Henry, PC Gray and most recently, PC Chris Roberts. Rest in peace.

Sadly we also met Cuddles, need I say more? Regular readers may be aware that I introduced myself as the Pink Panther, and I also found out that UNPC was one of the Ninja Turtles and that he was followed by PC Frankyfact and Big Fella. Not to be left out, PC Southwest introduced himself as Spock. Finally the Twining Chronicles got some excellent reviews from my arch rival, ranter, from Dickiebo and from scribblesheet. Alas, till next time.     


One comment

  1. Spock? it’s constable Odo

    Like him I find myself having to change into many others. Paramedic, social worker, traffic warden etc etc.

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