The Twining Chronicles – Issue 4, 12th January 2008

January 9, 2008

Breaking news this week – The Twining Chronicles has declared the following issue so important that the whole issue is dedicated to this issue, er the following issue.

Twining can report that on the 8th January 2008 in London the new NBPA cabinet was elected.

Ali Dizaie is now the President of the NBPA. The Vice president is Tony Smickle; and the General Secretary is Stafford Brooks.

The surprise inclusion in this is a statue, David Mcfarlane, the previous NBPA co-ordinator. Those that remember Dave will know that he was returned to the Metropolitan police following the reporting of some discrepancies in the finances of the NBPA.

I believe two of the discrepancies related to, (1) a trip to Zimbabwe to meet with Mugabe. He certainly isn’t on my dinner list, that’s Mugabe, that is, but neither is Dave. Mugabe is not within the academic reach of Mcfarlane or any previous NBPA cabinet member. (2) The second discrepancy surrounded the purchase of Tom Tom. This bit really saddens me more than Mugabe.

Who on earth authorised the purchase of Tom Tom? I am still trying to ascertain who Tom Tom is? To whom was he was sold and why?

The appointment of Mcfarlane is without doubt the most unbelievably nonsensical reality that we can report on. Mcfarlane was an unmoveable object before.

It will take a lifetime to now remove this oblivion incompetent, and this is my opinion, not the bit about lifetime to remove, but that Dave is incompetent in role. Back to Tom Tom….

Anyone with any ideas as to who and what Tom Tom is please add a comment


One comment

  1. Don’t you remember the nursery rhyme? Tom Tom, the piper’s son, stole a pig and away did run. The pig was eat and Tom was beat and Tom went running down the street. Tom Tom is therefore the son of a musician who turned to crime in order to put food on the table.

    Tom Tom is clearly not Muslim or Jewish. Nor is Tom Tom on a low cholesterol diet. Poor old Tom Tom is also a victim of crime, as he has been assaulted by person or persons unknown. There are a couple of detections in this for someone and perhaps a few strategy meetings to be had to discuss the diversity issues raised by this sad state of affairs. Does this answer the question?

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