January 16, 2008

This comment to the previous post deserves it’s own post. 

“It would be a foolish policeman who, when off duty, hung around with the underclass as his mates.”

Er, who exactly are you talking about? Foolish, why?

“So if you wish to be a part of British society having achieved the state of civilisation it has reached today, then why would you choose to hang around with ethnic minorities who still practice and perpetuate their culture, many hundreds of years behind in the civilisation race.”

There is no such thing as race. I am a part of British society I think.

“Male population who oppress their women by denying them education, self expression, a right to be an individual and not owned, have practices such as stoning people to death as a law, kill your female offspring, etc. etc. etc….”

Do all Muslims do this? Or is it jus Injuns?

“You would like them to be not guilty but you don’t know.”

All of them? WHO? Do you know they are guilty?

“Well I know its you and your superior ethics who are still living in a world 500 years behind the ethnic Brits, your primitive culture is what killed that poor beautiful Shalifea, and you Mr Twining should do a lot more representing what your uniform stands for and not standing up for the arrogant and ignorant primitive culture you descend from.”

My uniform isn’t SS. Thanks, Indian culture is primitive? Really?

Catch up and show the eastearners how to open their eyes to decency and respect for others then the whole world can live in peace together; stop representing colour all the time try representing the honest and civil. I don’t deny western culture has its bad points, I mentioned underclass already and that’s also why we also have the .. cough… cough… I was going to say the best police force in the world, or maybe those New Labour idiots have destroyed that one, we sure took a step back 500 years with that lot.

Catch up? Ethnic Brits? Easterners? Are Look within. I HAVE TO SAY EVEN I AM GOB SMACKED!



  1. I am gobsmacked too!

  2. Peeps,

    A classic example of a misguided cultural imperialist in all his/her glory!

  3. I would like to invite “Sweety1” on to a cultural awareness course with me. 2 weeks, residential, they can talk, and live somewhere where there are no mod coms, back to real life! See if that alters their view on what civilised really is?

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