The Twining Chronicles – Issue 5, 19th January 2008

January 18, 2008

This week we bring you lots and lots. There’s something from a colleague, Area Search No Trace, who responds to a commentator from the last post. There’s also a poem for TUPC, who is on the slopes somewhere, and there’s mention of someone putting a book together. I am going to point ASNT in that direction.

Area Search – Primitive culture? Arrogant and ignorant? No doubt that this commentator is referring to the practises of the country that produced Mahatma Gandhi? Or perhaps Indira Gandhi? No, they were into outdated ideas like trying to bring peace to the world… er, like the commenter mentioned that the WEST should be showing the EAST how to do…

Ok, perhaps they were referring to Mother Teresa then? No? Too much peace and love there as well? Not alot of arrogance.

Maybe they were thinking of Amar Bose, creator of the Bose sound system company, the most exclusive and frankly the best speakers in the world (that I would buy if only I could afford it), the systems that cost thousands and are worth every penny. Maybe this is the primitive behaviour they were referring to?

Or Homi Bhabha, who led the UN in researching the first peaceful uses of atomic energy, and campaigned for international control of nuclear energy and the outlawing of atomic bombs by all countries. He wanted nuclear energy to be used for alleviating poverty and misery of people. So unlike what we are belatedly trying to do today…

I am not Indian. I am not particularly “pro” Indian, or any other county come to that. I am wise enough to know that every country has good and bad parts, and that a full on attack on someone because of their background is never a social comment, but a fully-fledged display of racism.

Anyone wanting to see India in a new light, Google “Russell Peters” and watch some of his clips, or watch the clip shown on Twining’s website. Finally, a famous quote from Gandhi, in reply to a reporter’s question “What do you think of Western Civilization?” He said “I think it would be a good idea.”

A POEM about UNPC and me

This ladder is so tall.

UNPC, are you there?

He replies, No!

The higher you climb the further you fall.

Those at the top relish in ghee!

Their privilige, their expenses, here for all to see.

Are these better men we ask?

hell no,

worse still, those just below them are crass.

What about the women and black folk, there,

I see?

They can be just as bad,

some lie, some flee.

The best place on the ladder, where would that be? Oi UNPC?

Just here on this rung, with you and me.

We’re free!

Enough of this, Twining, Old Boy!

Now can we just have some TEA?

This is a copy of an open email I recieved recently – a book in the making.

“Hi, I thought you might be interested to know I’m in the process of putting together a book of true stories, all written by active police officers. The book is going to be broken down into various categories including heroic / gruesome / funny stories etc. It is being compiled to provide a snapshot of modern policing – no comments from me, just a ‘what you see is what you get’ sort of thing. It’s still very early stages and I’m keen to get as many contributions as possible, so I was hoping you might be able to help out, plug it on your site or recommend anyone who might be able to help. Submissions should be approx. 200-300 words and can be on any subject connected with policing, e.g. I’ve received one on a major car crash in which an officer saved a baby’s life, and another on a somewhat awkward situation during a raid on a brothel. All stories would be 100% anonymous although contributors can include their location and ranking if they see fit. Deadline for submissions is end of March. Unfortunately I can’t afford to pay anyone for their efforts, but hopefully getting into print will be reward enough for those willing to help out….! I can be contacted via this email address. “

To make it clear me, Twining, I am not writing this book, this is an email I received from someone that is writing a book. For further information or contact details please email me on twining4321@yahoo.co.uk and then I can forward email details to this writer.


  1. I am giving ATNS a standing ovation as I type – not an easy feat, given my typing skills you understand.

  2. ASNT – Roses – I am used to this I guess. This sort of behaviour is not nice but I am used to it.

  3. Good luck marching today. My thoughts are with you.

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