The Twining Chronicles – Issue 6, 26th January 2008

January 25, 2008

And so, then we marched – It was a brisk day in London on Wednesday 23rd January 2008. History was in the making.

They say Merseyside had hired a train, and that the West Mids had hired 43 coaches to get people to London. I was there and this was indeed a historic moment.

22,500 people, most of whom were police officers, marched onto Parliament Square to protest over Jacqui Smith and the Government’s handling of the pay deal of 2007. But they didn’t let us march to the memorial, (Whitehall control).

We arrived in London and gathered at Park Lane at around 11am. We waited and waited and then, so, we marched, stopping and starting for the first hour. That hurt the legs.

And finally we did move off properly; there was the odd and only one, “Kingdom nigh” demonstrator, wearing chic sunglasses, but as I say there was only one and he brought a smile to our faces as his arms dropped from the tiredness of the placard he was carrying. The roars of laughter made him smile too.

But through this march there was no evidence of bad behaviour on behalf of the police. No shouting, no boos, perhaps one from a member of the public who said we should get back to work. We were on rest days darling. This was our time.

No Government that has taken on the police in this way has won the next election. This government will experience the same.     Alas will come the next stage and swiftly too, a ballot asking us whether we want the right to strike. If we expect the march to have had any impact we perhaps need to vote for the right to strike because this government and any other will now push us, and you can’t build trust on that. 

Coincidentally, the whole style of the march was based on principle and the word principle was based on Gandhian philosophy. Prepare for some twitching in the corridor’s of power in Whitehall for the great British institution of policing now demands freedom.



  1. It was a good day and one that was well Policed by the Met!! Apparantly not everyone thinks we were on a rest day though.

  2. I understood it wasn’t a march. Marches and demonstrations have been banned.

    It was a queue. A highly successful queue by the sound of it.

    Good for you!

  3. So were the Met in full riot gear and were the horses neighing for blood? On the only demo I’ve been on, peacful I hasten to add, the authorities were mighty scary. Shouted at the TV this morning on your behalf at our cherished prime minister saying that HE wanted to give you a raise.

  4. At http://councillorterrykelly.blogspot.com/ is the allegation that “a well known BNP leader was marching at the head of the demo. with the full blessing of the organisers.” If true, why was that allowed?

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