The Twining Chronicles – issue 7 Saturday 2nd February 2008

January 31, 2008

In this week’s issue there are some important points to report on. I wonder what it’s like not being a part of a group? I experienced it and it isn’t that nice. Secondly I report on whether the the BNP were at our march. Were they marching with us? If they were there, who sanctioned it? And finally then there’s a little tribute to  Area Search.   

Not one of them – And then I realised I too was actually not one of them. One of who you may ask? Interestingly this isn’t about policing but I was at a religious establishment the other day.

Some on the committee didn’t like what I was saying. Didn’t make me wrong. I wondered why though? I was Indian, they were Indian, but who had the power? As a committee they did. 

For some reason this whole religious group wanted their caste to be given a priority for access to the temple.  Is that not wrong, I thought?

I was right I think, but remember I didn’t have the power, so these people with power could go as far as they wanted to allow things to remain as they were. Just goes to show the evils of race “ism” inside our community also. When will we learn? They made me feel bad, yet they were probably wrong.

Were the BNP at our march?

At http://councillorterrykelly.blogspot.com/ is the allegation that “a well known BNP leader was marching at the head of the march with us. I have been asked if this is true?

The answer is I don’t know whether a BNP leader was there and marching with us. I think people know my views about the BNP, and if they were there and allowed to march with us then I wouldn’t have been there marching. The Federation might wish to answer this.

I just saw this and I thought of AREA SEARCH NO TRACE – ASNT – This Gummy character is just like ASNT, cute, sweet, nice, likes his cars, dances around and that sort of thing. You know. Enjoy!

Long Version of the Gummy Bear Song In English



  1. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article3295487.ece

  2. Chances are that if such a person was there, he just tagged along. I would recognise Nick Griffen if I saw him (Ithink)but none of the others. There is a slight difference between ‘I support your cause can I join in?’ and ‘I am a here to represent the BNP can I join in?’ Or was it a misprint and he meant SNP leader?

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