BREAKING NEWS…Hamza to be extradited

February 7, 2008

2400436241-hamza-fight-extradition-move.jpegRead all about, read all about it in the Twining Chronicles. We have just heard that  Abu Hamza, aka “Hook,” is to be extradited to the United States. Finsbury Park bobbies will know Hamza well having witnessed his open preaching on the streets of london. If Islam wants respect  it must treat others with respect also. Jacqui Smith has just signed an extradition order. Hoora! Perhaps we can extradite Hamza and Nick Griffin to the same place and put them in a cell, together. Hamza is a dangerous and evil racist bigot who promulgates the minds of youngsters. Hamza’s lawyers are due to appeal.

Also in breaking news, we have just heard that the Archbishop of Canterbury has  said something in suggesting there is room for Sharia Law in British Law, for example, in marriages  he suggest Sharia Law could be used as an easier means for Muslim women to get a divorce. The issue that Rowan Atkinson has missed is that there can be only one law; British law. Trevor Phillips of the CRE, describes Doctor Williams’s words as “unhelpful” and “muddled.” If Sharia Law does happen to be allowed in British Law, which is unlikely, one wonders how many divorcees will want to convert to Islam?



  1. Was listening to a discussion about this issue on the BBC World Service when someone said that there were Jewish courts in the UK so why should there not be Sharia courts. I did not even know there were Jewish courts, with legal authority in Britain. Why on earth do British Jewish people have a separate court system, how did that come about?! I thought I lived in a secular country but apparently not! Just another reason, in my opinion, to abolish the House of Lords and give the British people the power! Orthodox Jewish courts, what next, Mormon courts, Scientologist courts…?!?

  2. Astonished – welcome to the blog. Are you saying that Jewish Courts are actually recognised in this country? My personal opinion is that flogging and cutting limbs off is a step a bit too far, though it might reduce crime figures dramatically, but that’s Sharia Law.

  3. First, I like the idea of Mr Bean living at Lambeth Palace, thanks for the smile. Sharia law is basically the islamic equivalent of the ten commandments, but a bit more in depth. The problems come in interpretation of the laws. The Talmud and OT both mention an eye for an eye – but much as I dislike Israel’s foreign policy, their courts aren’t in the habit of sentencing people to mutilation. Likewise ours are based on generic moral principles. There’s a bit of a spat going on between Church and State at the moment, especially since the RC lost it’s battle re adoption and homosexuality. Rev Williams would like the Churches’ pinions listened to by government, for religion to be taken into account when legislating, hence all religions, hence Sharia. In short he upholds anti-disestablishmentarianism. (Never thought I’d get to use the longest word in the English language!)

    I personally am getting a tad annoyed lately. My rather quaint view is that everybody deserves to be treated equally and with respect. It’s fine to be different, and different customs can be accommodated, i.e. the Beth Din, and Sikh exception to motorcycle helmets – but only in so far as the law allows. And the law HAS to be the same for all. So why am I getting cross – well 56% of population does not mathematically constitute a minority, but it’s fine to be sexist, racism is beyond the pail, but it’s fine to pay women less. My problem with Mr Beans suggestion, and the Beth Din is that they deal with family law, which is just where we women need the State’s protection the most. I am led to believe that the original writings of the prophet Mohammed are the least sexist of the three major religions, however all are open to interpretation and the interpretation of all three has for centuries been used to rule over and control women and sexuality. We should not ever be viewed as merely the chattels of our husbands and fathers. Rant over.

  4. Contrary to popular opinion, capital and corporal punishment does not lower the crime figures. If it did, why are there so many people being put to the death all round the world? I’m sure the Archbishop’s intentions were good; it would have been much better if he had simply kept his lips and teeth together.

  5. Roses, but if he kept his lips and teeth shut he would have been miming. J – actually I quite like your rant. The point you raise is valid, women require protection and the Law should protect them. I am not sure but Sharia Law means that what the court says will be done, so if a male is hit with the CSA equivalent and doesn’t pay, what then, especially if he then chooses the British way? Ahh a slip of the pen, well found out J, I initially said Rowan Atkinson. I think he’s brilliant by the way.

  6. I doubt anything will come from Rowan’s comments. Its just one of those things people jump on. I bet his quote was twisted. You probably had to be at the event to get any real semblance of it.

  7. What would happen to Hamza under Sharia law? I somehow don’t think Hamza would like me, I rather class myself as a little more intelligent than him. By the way, I do like the idea of Mr Bean and Sharia Law, it would be a nightmare!

  8. On another matter, there was shocking news today from Iraq when Al Quaeda detonated some bombs WITHOUT using children or anyone with Downs Syndrome. Is there no end to their fiendish plans?

  9. The line of least resistance. Are you saying that Al Quaeda use children and anyone with Downs Syndrome?

  10. Hamza to be extradited. All clap hands now. Oh, sorry Abu, you can’t!

  11. Somehow, plodnomore, you and I will be hated for by Islamic extremists for our views.

  12. Twining,

    I have nothing against Islam per se, in fact have a number of very good friends who are Islamic – one is an ex colleague who saved me from a beating when we attended an ‘intruders on premises’ call some years ago. My views are against any form of extreme fanaticism whether it be religion, ALF, BNP, Womens Institude, Weight Watchers, etc (the last two were entered as a joke – mentioned in case I suddenly find loads of anti-freeze laced cakes and jam or calorie free scones on my doorstep).

    Extremists love to hate. They are incapable of any form of acceptance that others may have a different view to them (you can think what you like as long as it’s what I believe in, or else!). Extremists will always be there in some form or another and in the main their views have nothing to really do with their overt raison detre. It’s all about power – having the desire to make others do what they are told to do, because they can. Just look at what Livingstone is doing in London – finishing off what he started when he ran the GLC.

    I read an article recently linking the major members of this Government with the Frankfurt School chain of idealogical thought. Reading further into this, it seems to make sense with what has been happening with political decisions, especially regarding alienating the Police and other public services and ‘encouraging’ the reporting of lost data by more than a few Government departments where, strangley enough, no one is ever blamed or punished.

    Their change in the licensing laws has led to binge drinking Britain and the soon to be opened casinos will lead to mass bankruptcies resulting in more and more being reliant on the state for their way of life. They starve the military of funds and equipment yet send them out on never-ending wars, possibly without any moral or legal justification. Change, confusion and social chaos are some of the aims of the Frankfurt School. Does this mean that this government is led by extremists? I’ll let you make your own mind up. This will probably mean I’ll be hated by more than Islamic extremists but they’ll have to come to xxxxxxxxx to find me.

    Sorry I went on a bit.

  13. Plodnomore, I don’t know what it is but you have given me an idea for a thread based on what you say here! Do you mind iffy I use this…please. Plus the points you make a re relevant. This is exactly what I have been saying; anti racism takes precedence over an above what others may deem as ant Islamism. Neither you or I are anti Islamic.

  14. Twining,

    Please feel free to use anything which may lead to a useful thread for comment. The only stipulation is that nothing is related to anything I have said and I reserve the right to comment on anything I disagree with. Apart from that, fill your boots……………

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