The Twining Chronicles – issue 8 Saturday 9th February 2008

February 7, 2008

This week The Twining Chronicles focuses on four issues, (1) The alleged tapping of conversations between an alleged terrorist and his MP, (2) England and Fabio Cappello, (3) A push  by the HMIC and Sir Ronnie! And finally, (4), Sir Ronnie’s swansong review. So, where’s he going?

Now, I remember the tapped conversation between George W Bush and Tony Blair about a holiday to the middle east and indeed the truth came out. The bugging of an alleged terrorist awaiting extradition appears to have caused some uproar.

“Don’t bug me, I ‘m a terrorist”–  Twining can report that the conversation between MP Sadiq Khan and Babar Ahmad was bugged when the MP was visiting his constituent. Ahmad is being held as he awaits extradition to the US, accused of running websites supporting terrorism and raising funds for militants in Chechnya and Afghanistan, and of urging Muslims to fight a ‘holy war’. Well I never! It is believed that the Home Office and the Justice Ministry were aware of the incident in December but did not tell ministers. Well what’s new here? MP’s are the worst. Just look at Jacqui Smith, she didn’t know about here incompetence in relation to police pay; she does however know about cannabis, but that’s another matter. Mr Straw said the first he heard of the matter was at the weekend. And that’s because The Independant newspaper told him whilst Jacqui remained quiet. As for Twining well I am not so sure that I actually disagree with the “tapping” in this case. First and foremost we are dealing with terrorism and that’s national security. So, in this case, the tapping seems proportionate. Likewise, Twining suggests that it would be nice if we tapped some Islamic radicals as well as the likes of Nick Griffin. Let’s rid the UK of all extremists. 

England 2 Switzerland 1 – from what  I saw on Wednesday night, Cappello is making a stand. this is the first time in a long time that someone with any discipline has come into the England management. The fact is we have a good manager, he, he’s Italian! David Bentley, I have to say, has filled the place of the great David Beckham. Bentley is one to watch as he matches pin point passes and open play. As for Cappello, he was the best man for the job. 

I am led to believe that the HMIC is pushing – Forces to set up their own Muslim Police Associations. Each Force will have it’s own MPA. Anyone any thoughts on this? And Sir Ronnie Flannagan’s people – are at it again. I think this must be the review of the review of the review of the review. The foreword appears tame, but that’s no surprise because when they review policing again next year they will have to come back to the items deliberately missed out this time. Someones got to keep them in a job. Alas, Sir Ronnie may retire by keeping his Chiefs happy, and he may be leaving something for his successor to do! I think Sir Ronnie and Sir Ian are rumoured to be leaving to pastures anew in the Caribbean. Some say Sir Ian will be sporting dreadlocks when he retires. Some even say Sir Ian is The Stig! The Stig, however, totally refutes this slur as a ludiocrous statement. 


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