You up there, what do you think?

February 9, 2008

williams2_385x185_279952a.jpegGive the poor man a break. He is only debating what some Islamic individuals want. Rowan’s intentions appear entirely good  but, personally speaking and for the anti racist cause, bringing in Sharia Law into British Law is not such a good idea. Why? Some Imams that want Sharia are bitterly bigoted. Some of these same Imam’s want  Islam to have some Superiority over Christianity. But why? So if we bring Sharia in, how will we ever tackle some radical Imam’s? And this is my fear, our unability to tackle radicalism. This, I am afraid, is the deluded and dangerous view that Britain must avoid getting embroiled in. The quicker this episode is closed the better. Him up there; we need to cut him some slack. I don’t see any Islamic people coming out in support of him. THERE ARE HYPOCRITS IN THE CHURCH ALSO.

The great mahatma once said, Great Britain is a Christian country but there are not that many Christians in this country; the idea would be a good thing. We cannot afford to play into the hands of extremism. We should forgive Rowan, lead by example, and move on. 



  1. ‘He is only debating what some individual islamics want’

    Why should I give a monkeys what some individual islamics want? Would any Islamic country debate have any other laws than there own? I think not.

  2. Rather than being referred to as Rowan Atkinson, as some have done, I would suggest he was a player in the American comedy series “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh in” where the incredible, downright stupid and crazy was the norm. Christianity has a history of failing to stand up for itself and literally, “turning the other cheek”. Islam, however, has continually fought for its precedence over any other form of religion, with Imams often calling in death sentences for anyone upsetting their sensitive natures. The Archbishop of Canterbury, in an effort to combine the Christian church with what he perceives to be social justices is trying to be all things to all men, just like his mentor the late, great, sadly missed (with every bullet), war criminal Tony Blair.

    I have no doubt that unless the Christian religion does learn to stand up for what it believes in, Sharia law will be the ruling legal system in this country, which means that it will also be the leading legal and financial system. The good news is that the money grabbing, self serving Members of Parliament will be kicked into touch but the bad news is that they will be replaced by non elected Imams and Muftis who will have a say in every part of your life. Just imagine spending a day at the beach and saying to your mate, “Did you see the burkah on that?” Doesn’t seem to have same ring to it, does it?
    It’s up to you.

  3. Anon – Don’t shoot the messenger, as in Rowan. Isn’t it the message that’s the problem? And I agree, how many Islamic states would allow Christian laws some precedence?

    PNM – Interestingly no other faith is demanding what some radical Islamists are demanding.

  4. Now Carey (ex-archbishop) is getting involved. Can’t people just keep quiet. This is a non-issue.

  5. Of course, you could never have two laws in one country. It just would not work. His comments should have died a natural death actually, but they have been blown up by the media.

  6. I agree with Annette’s comments in that you can not have two laws in this country. That is why all those blagging Members of Parliament should be stuck on for fraud, false accounting, obtaining pecuniary advantage by decepetion, providing those laws have not been taken over by some new fangled legislation which says that MPs can do what they want, when they want and sod the rest of us – but that would just be silly wouldn’t it?

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