The Twining Chronicles – Issue 9 Saturday 16th February 2008

February 14, 2008

Well, it’s the big day, Valentine’s day today as I write this. Just heard this classic Indian song on the radio; Kora kagaz – blank paper. Yes, it’s a romantic song. What most police bloggers have in common is the frustration at the inept leadership we endure from career snatchers, well forget them now today. Enjoy the music, close your eyes, and imagine you are in an Indian Restaurant somewhere, with your other half….and family. There are no Chiefs in sight; but there are plenty of Indians! Now, that’s the sign of a damn good restaurant.  


One comment

  1. Geoff and I go to an indian restaurant every thursday night. Usually the same one. We have been going there for years. The food is fantastic and the staff are wonderful. It makes our week. We are going tonight but not because its valentines day, it’s just because its thursday!!!

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