Yasmin Alibhai Brown

February 16, 2008

yasmin_alibhaibrown_140x140.jpegThis woman is a brilliant brilliant woman. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s doctrine on oppression – backed by Twining of course.

(1) Yasmin says, Instantly demote unelected religious and community leaders, politicians and institutions that decided the religious identity was primary and that the broad black political movement had gone. Twining says sack them? Yes, please.

(2) Yasmin says, Henceforth there will be no Human rights for internal oppressionists within groups, particularly those carrying out violence against women and children. Twining says token cha-walas are included in this also.

 (3) Yasmin says, today the enemy of equality, freedom and justice is as likely to be within. Twining says, doesn’t she know it? Twining says, go Yasmin, go Yasmin!

(4) Yasmin says, do not break us up into simple tribes, which compete for attention and resources. Twining says, yes, this just causes us to bicker and YOU then do nothing of any conseqeunce.

(5) Yasmin says, religionists – Muslim, Catholic, Hindu, Protestant- want not parity but special and exceptional treatment and unacceptable influence over policies. Twining says, Oh I do like the latter, we have policy hunters; not people that want equality.

(6) Yasmin says community leaders use diversity to silence democracy. We are not permitted to question the maltreatment of some women and young people within enclaves. Twining says, when we do question we are told we are Anti whatever we are challenging. Ah, so what, just do it, question them!

(7) Yasmin says, authoritarians decide who is a real Muslim and who is not.  Twining says , it’s time for these authoritarians to stand down then.

(8) Yasmin says, some Sikh, Hindu and Christian “leaders” use faith as a weapon, instead of respecting faith as a guide to life and spiritual solace? Twining says I know.

(9) Twining says, listen to this fine lady, she is genuinely brilliant, I tell you she is absolutely spot on.

(10) Yasmin says, hello Twining. Twining says, oo-er Yasmin. Hello!



  1. Have you seen Wafa Sultan on You Tube? She is saying the same sort of thing about Islamic extremism

  2. A voice of reason! Thank goodness.

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