The Twining Chronicles – Issue 10 Saturday 23rd February 2008

February 23, 2008

Goodness Gracious Me – ChakDe

This is an excellent clip from goodness gracious me. It’s titled, “NASA calls for staff to learn new language skills.” And it seems to work! Similarly when an individual says something like, You come  here again Englishman I cut your throat, or something like that as they said to Gadget, we know that there appear to be language barriers. The police speak “law;”  criminals speak “crime,” two totally different languages as you can see.

In the case of the unhappy male here several prosecutions and jail might cause him to change from his mafia type lifestyle, somehow, I don’t think so. Perhaps an audience with ACPO might change the attitude of some of our mafiosa  type customers. or perhaps not.  Alternatively as a bit of satire for us, we could just think of the word, “Chakde,” when we are confronted by threatening gestures of this type

One comment

  1. We speak law, criminals speak crime. We can understand each other despite the use of longer words by us. However, Nobody understands senior management when they speak “politico-correct”, though.

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