Career cha walas? Who?

March 1, 2008

I really do believe some Senior Officer’s all over the country are thinking, “Shit terrorism. Shit, the community won’t talk. Shit! What do I do as a Senior Officer? I know, I’ll now back the Muslim Police Association.

Then when it goes pear shaped I can say I did involve them and blame someone. I might as well speak with this group now and ditch the NBPA. HMM. That way we don’t have to fund two minority groups.

And this is what some in the Muslim Police Association will be doing, “Let’s ditch the NBPA also, let’s see what I can get out of this, perhaps a good job, perhaps promotion.”

Yes, there is a bit of both. Senior Officers are worried and a minority of Muslim colleagues will use this for their own career ambitions. That is exactly what happened inside the NBPA.

This is what Twining thinks, “Land of hope and glory…………………”We need to deal with terrorism; Muslim colleagues can function effectively under the NBPA, so why this hoo-haa in creating another strand? 

Because some people are simply thinking of themselves, not how the establishment will first welcome them, but when they ask questions when things go bizarrely shaped, or worse still when they are called to give evidence and they have to compromise faith with policing, what will they do.

Hmm remain loyal to the brim! Loyal to themselves. Makes you think? 

The MPA is currently going through a “newly wed” honeymoon period with Chiefs. The Chiefs are happy keeping some in the community happy, this keeps some Muslim officer’s happy, because they are now in favour and they have the ear of Chiefs.

And these colleagues still refuse to stand by other colleagues that have suffered racism.  When this happens we are truly shtummed. Their views, “Take it on the chin.” Oh, the hypocrisy of it all……Tea yaar! Is this really divide and rule?


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