Norman Cha wala Sir – is awarded a Twining gong for dis-service to policing

March 3, 2008

pinkpanther-dp7.jpeg039bettisondm_468x654.jpeg Can anyone tell us where the above picture was taken and of course all captions are invited please. Last week I saw several articles pop up; one from Copperfield, and one from Bloggs about the above cha wala, Norman Betti-son, son of Betti, who is indeed deserved of a Twining gong. 

I know this man a little. He is probably everything people have described him to be.  I cannot believe that he has asked police staff to manage his wikipedia entry. Not that I have one of course, wikipedia didli-da. I was also wondering how the boys and girls feel doing this very important police job? And why the manager of said dept where this is happening just doesn’t advise “Normsie” to go forth and allow others to do their work. Can anyone tell us where the above picture was taken and of course all captions are invited please. This is an embarrassment to “Normsie” and all those below him. I interviewed “Normsie” after this hoo-haa and this is what he had to say.

Twining: “Hello Sir.”

Normsie: “You, it’s you that dastardly man.”

Twining: “So what is it with Wikipedia?”

Normsie: “Horrible people old boy, horrible people are adding horrible things about me.”

Twining: “What’s your name again?”

Normsie: “Sergeant Twining. Sir, you do realise that you are a bit of an ass! Like a donkey. You seem to have behaved a bit silly asking paid up employees to work on Wikipedia.”

Normsie: “Do you know Bloggs?”

Twining: “What was your involvement in Centrex?”

Normsie: “No comment.”

Twining: “You mean you did nothing? What is your involvement with your current Force?”

Normsie: “No comment but I do like managing Wikipedia. Are you wearing dreadlocks Twining?”

Twining: “With respect Sir, B – –  – – – – s. Why are you allowing your staff to do your dirty work on line?”

Normsie: “Because they are mine, ALL MINE, THEY DO WHAT I SAY, WHEN I SAY. Thats how I get promoted and keep people like you at a distance.”

At that point I had enough so I walked out leaving him with his Dictaphone, his secretary and a cup  of my favourite tea. The fellow was simply not answering any questions. And that’s not tennis yaar. So I just threw a Twining gong at him and left into the sunrise.

Normsie: “Come back you, you Twining you.”

Twining: “B – – – – – – s. ”

I am convinced this Magnum look alike is looking at me! My mum warned me about people with ear lobes like his; false leaders!


  1. Calm down PeePee, the poor (?) man has a reputation to maintain! ….. and the photo is of Liverpool.


  2. neee na aa neee naaa .. I dont know how thoses photos got on my computer, I must have been porn stormed… honest

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