The Twining Chronicles – Issue 13 Saturday 15th March 2008

March 15, 2008

Look around at some of the content and threads in some police blogs. There is quite an unprofessional theme developing. This is sad, but there is an old saying, “You can’t educate those that don’t want to be educated.”I wonder how Black kids view some of what is written? It’s almost as if there is a backlash to Macpherson, put bluntly, it is almost as if some wish Macpherson never happened. But the murder of Lawrence did happen. Some people would not say in public what they post on blogs.

Are we so entrenched that some in the majority simply look  for similar views and then satisfy themselves that actually because they have a majority, they are deemed right. Of course we can never be right because we are never allowed to be. Whose country is this anyway? There is no distinction between right or wrong, just a distinction of what affects the majority group and how to, maintain a philosophy that racism does not exist.

This is all a bit like PND’s really, but PND’s only criminalise  White middle class kids. What we say, what we write, the undertones, knocking people that mean well, and our overall stance; these don’t criminalise Black people at all.

On a seperate note respect goes to CC Todd of GMP. This was one police leader that really was not a Liberal, and of all the Chiefs I have heard this one would have been the best Met Commissioner for years to come. He was tipped for this job. Bettison for example played around with race, Ian Blair has done exactly the same thing, Julie Spence used it to argue for money money, but without any care for the cause of problems.

I had never heard her speak about ethnicity before;  but once money came into it, she was off the mark.  Also, although I had not met Mr Todd, those that know him spoke about his respect for race/ethnicity and this respect was genuine, not tokenistic, nor political in terms of point scoring. The anti racist movement has lost a freind here. RIP.story674fecb11fa7a17b5c3cee398fab2f75_160x120.jpeg

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