BNP Mayoral Candidate Richard Barnbrook Marches With Police in 2007!

March 17, 2008

Richard Barnbrook, (BNP candidate), marched with the police at the great march in 2007. Thanks must go to Essex Police Federation for this, whatever this is that they have been involved in.

They interviewed rather well. But did they have no idea who the BNP are? I am not sure which is deserved of a Twining gong; Essex Police Federation or this BNP candidate; and since I can’t decide I award a Twining gong to both for their poor efforts in promoting race.

Clearly this was a bright move on behalf of the Federation! I might ask Jan what she thinks later.

I asked the  Essex Federation whether they would speak to me. Initially they thought I was something to do with tea! This is how my interview went. 

Twining: Hello.

Essex Federation: Who are you?

Twining: I bet you never asked Barnbrook that question!

Essex Federation: What did you say?

Twining: Anyway I is Twining, Sergeant Twining to you. So tell me, what happened with Barnbrook?

Essex Federation: Oh shit you’re that race campaigner aren’t you?

Twining: Er no.

Essex Federation: No comment.

Twining: You what? OK, here have your gong, I’m off!





  1. You are a bit late with this stunning bit of news Mr T!

    It was all over the front page of a couple of national newspapers the day after the March. Mr Barnbrook is engaged to that ballerina who also voiced her support for the BNP.

    Did you actually contact Essex PolFed? Have you had a response from Aunty Jan? Do you actually talk to anyone in real life?

  2. Er anon, you are welcome.

    Er in answer to your question the Federation kept shtm.

    I was aware of this but I didn’t find any damn evidence until I saw this.

    Er and do I talk to anyone in real life? Er yes. Well, no.

  3. Bloody hell Mr Twining, talk about slow. Almost last years news!

  4. Next you’ll be telling us that a chief constable of a large urban force walked off alone up a mountain…………..


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