Noddy and Twining support the below. Do you?

March 20, 2008

“I am loyal to the Her Majesty the Queen. I wear a uniform and have served with Pride with British regiments for over 200 years. As a Unit we are feared because of our loyalty to Queen and country. This is the same country that has not afforded us equal rights; yet we fight in the same way and with British men and women. Those that retired before 1997 and fought for Britain are not allowed to settle in this country; in the country of the Queen I serve. Who am I? ”

Isn’t it about time we treated the Gurkha’s with some respect? 



  1. I totally agree. I also did a blog on this today.

  2. As an ex-serviceman and now a Special, I totally agree. But then this government doesnt like people who have served Queen and Country. Only those that have or there is a possibility that they may serve New Labour.

  3. Its true. Let ’em all in. Give them all a Special Constable enrolment with the passport. Could be fun.

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