A question of faith..or not..

March 24, 2008


The following story was brought to my attention and I will relay this story to you. It happened around 2000 and relates to a multi faith room. I wonder whether you may agree that the above images are beautiful and should be seen. How else can we educate us all?

In this faith room, it was decided that to practice your faith, whilst on or off duty, then you did not need to see other images. So, because of objections, images were locked in cupboards, and each faith was given a cupboard, a slot.

This is really interesting because a practise designed by Liberals to break down barriers has caused discrimination. Isn’t this silliness the route of racial and religious  discrimination? It’s a bit like saying, “I exist, but you don’t cos my faith says so.”

If you are not prepared to see the “other” how humanitarian really will you be? I wonder what will happen when a gay man walks in to pray and the room is being used by someone of another faith. Is someone going to say, “wait a minute, you can have your turn in a bit mate. My faith has no time for gay people.”

Those that pursued this line of placing faith artifacts in cupboards have no clue of race or religious equality, nor do they have any faith; this is my opinion. These people may never have stood by people who have suffered racism. What they may have is prejudice, but who will admit to that? And I thought faith was about loving others, not denying their existence.

Before anyone has a go I must say that I could not find a picture of Mohammed and I am led to believe that some Christians and some Muslims wanted to enjoy practising their faith alone. Does faith feed this exclusion?

The world isn’t like that, the workplace isn’t like that, so why try and make the world like that? Yet these same people who object and suggest artefacts are to be placed in cupboards may attend diversity meetings, and profess diversity. Is this really diversity?

I  wonder what the people pictured above would have thought to this malarkey. I think they would have sat down together and talked; BUT NOT IN A CUPBOARD. If you really want to practice diversity then practise it to the inclusion of others. 



  1. A pious man went to Heaven. When he got there he was greeted by St Peter who gave a him a golden key, which allowed him to go wherever he wished.

    After years of exploring he went to St Peter saying, “I am confused by the wall in the middle of Heaven. It forms a complete circle, it is too high to climb and there are no no doors or gates in it. What is behind it?”

    That’s easy,” said St Peter, “Its where we put the *******************s.-They think they are the only ones here!”

  2. Quite simple, really. When in Rome………………..

  3. Speaking as a atheist, I have no strong views about religious iconography in the workplace. I don’t see any point in sticking them in a cupboard though. There really shouldn’t be anyone in our job that would be offended by them anyway.

  4. Alas some Islamic and Christian people found it offensive to practise their faith if other artefacts were present. People suggest they cannot practise their faith if there are images of other faiths. But closing your eyes to others; is this really the answer to how we really really treat others? Or can we not deal with this better? Can we open our eyes to each other? Segregating like this in the workplace; I am not at all sure that this is not what causes and reinforces prejudice and discrimination.

  5. I should not have to make an appointment to see my God; in a multicultural society all Gods people are there for us all to see.

  6. Some of the behaviours that we put forward as policy, do they cause prejudices? And do they allow some people to hide behind faith in terms of prejudice. Many faiths exist. We should all respect that fact. What is cohesion? How do we educate?

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