An official review of Twining by the right wing..

March 26, 2008

This is a review I have received.  Those that think hatred doesn’t exist; think again, maybe even visit the site below. Be mindful if you do visit the link; it has something to do with Combat 18.


“On the link is a ‘blog set up by a supposedly anonymous black copper who fervently promotes racial equality. Check out KittyKat’s comments”

If you go to my link below you will see some of Kittykat’s comments and my responses. I thought I was being trolled and I have been by a right wing member. 


I rather prefer another review of me.

“The problem with speaking the truth as you see it, is the accompanying labels. Those are your badges of honour, wear them with pride; they do not apply to the Keepers of the System.”



  1. Its always a good idea to keep an eye on the other side but if you are looking for reasoned comment on race equality then C18 wouldn’t be my first choice. Also be aware that C18 is a business. Its a record and T-shirt type business. Turnover last decade was around £1.5 million p.a. Made a nice living for the people at the top of the tree.

    Yes it is very difficult putting your minority head over the parapet and it will get shot off from time to time. This is because there is a vested interest in every majority group trying to maintain a position of advantage as the status quo. This seems to have happened everywhere, throughout history, with participation of every race.

    This tension does lead to slow incremental changes. I suppose comparing the human rights and status accorded to black people in America in 1808, 1908 and 2008 is an illustration of this process. Not that the process of equality in that country is complete yet, but there is steady, measurable historical progress.

    This progress has of course been won through undergoing suffering, even death but it has been won. This gives me cause for hope.

  2. I must admit, it’s taken me awhile to shut my jaw. I know such hatred exists in the world, but I can’t imagine what it must be like to take every breath with that bile in your heart and still carry on your day-to-day life.

    There is no logic, no rational thought in such hatred.

    No possibility of meeting in peace and talking of common ground.

    How sad for them and for us.

  3. Mr Twining, apologies for the rather hasty count out on Inspector Gadgets blog, I have changed my decision. Well done sir on a great comeback over there.

  4. Referee thank you for the comments.

  5. Taken in good faith, was not the wisest of things to write I know, apologies for that. And I wont mark you down on your next match with Ranter either. Excellent blog by the way, very interesting.

  6. Thank you ref, I can see my comments at 4 make sense.

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