The Twining Chronicles – Issue 15 Saturday 29th March 2008

March 28, 2008

If you want to see more of the latest round between Twining and ranter here’s a few excerpts: and this is all to do with Dizaie

“Referee – I can see round 22 coming up anytime soon between Ranter and Twining!”

“Ranter – I have often mentioned this person on here and elsewhere, normally Mr Twining pops up to berate me and ask me how I can comment on a man I don’t know.”

“Twining – Anyone for round 23? Ali has done things wrong but when it comes to the crunch some White colleagues have done similar; it just never gets this far. Some of the comments here are absolute tripe I think.”

“Referee – Apologies grapple fans, I appear to have counted to fast. Mr Twining springs to his keyboard, two great posts there, even Ranter agreed that they agree sometimes, a truly brilliant comeback there from Mr Twining. There’s the bell, even stevens congrats to both! Until the next time then……”

“Twining- Ranter – respect where respect is due…….Tea?”

“Ranter – Mines a large scotch!”

Twining – Biscuits? Area searchnegative KHAN was sacked, many a White colleague that may have done similar…er might not have been sacked”

For more go to:


Dawn, “He is of a Foreign looking race (Don’t know if it is Indoan or Middle Eastern).”  Twining, “No comment, er foreign race? Indoan?”



  1. You know, everything to do with discussing Commander Dizaei seems to degenerate into a whirling ball of acrimony and chaos

    You and Ranter could debate ’til the cows come home and the facts of his past regrettable behaviour will not change. However, whatever character flaws the Commander has had in the past, he seems to have overcome them sufficiently well for him to be promoted.

    The acid test will be to see where he is posted. Anybody know where he has gone?

  2. Re: who’s black?
    You describe yourself as black.
    Is Ali not black?
    If not then what?

  3. I see………….. Aha. I see…………

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