Who’s right, who’s wrong?

March 29, 2008

We see this day in day out in our job, a crime, a robbery; four offenders prey on their victim, they follow him, abuse them verbally, assault them, and then steal from them…..British Law recognises the status of a victim in a robbery.

It does not yet recognise institutional racism, it does not recognise lies, corrupt practises or institutional racism for this is about how SOME in the majority might operate. It is about Thoughtlessness , ABOUT snide remarks. IT GIVES some PEOPLE A BLISSFUL FEELING, a chuckle;  IT IS ABOUT using PREJUDICE as some form of reason or logic. IT IS ABOUT ASSUMPTIONS, AND THINGS not said to your face, but about backroom chats, making things difficult, AND WRAPPING IT UP AS IF TO SUGGEST ALL IS OK.

Cannily we are advised that we may-have chips on our shoulders in a subtle way. The only chip we may have is the majority mentality “you” might place on us where you don’t want to take account of what we may say in terms of proportionality and comparator. This chip is “oppression.”

Remember you are the majority; you have the power and this is what you say. These are the undertones……”Nah, it’s not racism at all; it’s just a personality clash or banter. It’s not even bullying.” Worse still there might even be corruption where people actually lie.

British Law doesn’t recognise institutional racism at all. How would it? If you can’t feel it, you will never see it……and you don’t see it, because you don’t experience it, and because you don’t experience it, it doesn’t exist. As a Black colleague I know now that I may not be welcome.

Yet I can show several interjections where our managers have got it totally totally wrong; and we have assisted the correcting of mistakes and race matters; but we will never never be rewarded for doing what actually was right…..

By the way I am not referring to anyone as a robber; the first paragraph was an analogy. That’s majority rule for you…..unless the system in which you operate recognises the victim as a victim. Who’s to say the robbers are wrong? The system does. The victim can only speak for themselves, unless there are witnesses; and you can see physical abuse, but the emotional cannot be seen.

The system is operated by PEOPLE, and the majority of people won’t upset the status quo, unless of course, they can get a benefit themselves, or there are those that close there eyes when it suits.

TELL ME HOW DID THE PEOPLE IN POWER GET TO THE TOP? THROUGH EQUALITY OR FAVOURITISM? And if they got there through an unequal system are they likely to want to change it? And so a minority is left to stand alone. Tell me, who helped people up the ladder.


  1. It’s tricky stuff. On the one hand over-affirmative action on the other a racist glass ceiling. I would prefer an arena of true equal opportunity where being a particular gender colour or creed confers no particular pro or con.

    I am in the real world sufficiently to know that pendulums swing and bias depends on who you know and where you are.

  2. I truly wish that I was as victimised as Dizaie has been. I’d have been rich, famous, and a very senior officer. Or, doesn’t he count because he doesn’t suit your argument?

  3. Dickie I am not sure what you mean? Some people have received a blissful feeling, there has been some thoughtlessness, people still seem to take the pee about institutional racism. Ali has always said this is a mainstream problem.

    The problem is we don’t believe institutional racism exists; and we don’t want to hear about it. Hmm, Ali has got up through an unequal system? I think he has, but with lawyers on side. Not everyone has that luxury. It is possible with Helios that actually they were just after culling his career; so had he not fought he wouldn’t be where he is.

    Historically how many countless leaders have got there because their face fits or they behave like their managers? This process has never pushed through minority ethnic colleagues; this is what they call the glass ceiling. Ali is one of a few outspoken people; speak out and you don’t progress, it’s as simple as that, and if you want to speak out, you are mostly on your own.

    We know too often that leaders will bring out one or two other Black colleagues to simply refute what Ali may say. It’s called divide and rule Dickie, and it’s real. Those Black officer’s that turn up on the spur think they will get somewhere because they are saying what the bosses want to hear; and the bosses can then take a swipe at Ali. This is real.

  4. Yes there is institutional racism. But not sure if Op Helios was done to investigate on race grounds myself. I’ve read the IPCC report and made my mind up on the evidence. They were out to get him, no doubt of that, but not because he was black or Muslim. They had convinced themselves he was bent. He also behaved foolishly. So did others. He did penance. The end.

    cc with
    CC Mike Fuller @ Kent
    DAC Tarique Ghaffur @Met

  5. PS
    And their inability to learn, understand or appreciate his culture, not race, made them see unfamiliar cultural norms as evidence of corruption. They were not.

  6. I’ll come back!

  7. Op helios I think was also prepared to damage the NBPA movement and it’s voice. Dizaei is a threat to those that don’t want any equality. He is the most powerful Black Officer, bar Ghaffur. Both can back up their statements.

    Helios was a good way of shutting both elements of power and the NBPA. Dizaei has suffered. Didn’t he warn some in the Muslim community not to play mischief? How many White leaders would have felt able to do that for fear of being called racist. Like I said, people don’t see what they do not open their eyes to, and if people are not in the community then they are out of it, we don’t all understand all languages. Muslim colleagues are key, but these colleagues must be against racism also.

    But this is the nature of power, they, “above,” still wanted to take Ali’s legs; and this would have served racist’s well. This is institutional racism. Now, had I said the same, don’t play mischief, would I have survived? Ali did because of his position.

    We know there are plenty of people that play mischief; they can be Black, Asian, White, and these people do not want any racial equality, they want personal equality.

    Well there’s a big difference; one affects the self, the other affects the people we are there to serve.

  8. Blimey Twiners. I read the thread somebody put on Gadget’s blog and the evidence – yes evidence – against Dizzy was unbelievably strong. All I’m saying is that no white cop would have stood any chance of survival with those allegations being made against him. Not even if only 10% of those allegations were made!! There are surely some benefits to being non-white in the police?

  9. Dickie I think if the thread was not unbiased it would not have been DELETED.

  10. Jacqui Smith is too back date the Police pay rise with immediate effect. Its on the BBC web site. She also said you will be getting a 6% increase this year with a one off payment depending on number of years worked!
    Gordon Brown was quoted as saying he was delighted and hoped the Police would be happy with the latest offer.


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