China are you watching and listening?

April 7, 2008

Probably watching, but not listening. An even more hostile reception of the torch was received in Paris. The protests are raising awareness, but there is no guarantee that the oppression in Tibet will stop. Like most big institutions they will be waiting till they are pushed into the corner. In fact, bar watching, and perhaps a temporary lull, will the government in China change and of its policies and procedures? Probably not.


  1. They are looking and they are listening. They are a very powerful nation. The problem is not with their eyes or ears. The problem is that the protests are insignificant and pointless to them.

    They are set to finish Tibet this decade and they will whether we like it or not because they are a fearful economic power and no body of sufficient power will challenge them. Look at the Sudan, awful and the worlds governments sit on their hands because Sudan is China’s client.

    I hope the protesters felt better after getting all that angst, anger and frustration out of their systems but they had no chance whatsoever of changing a thing in Tibet.

  2. Makes me wonder Nightjack how power and territory corrupt humanity. Even a boycott may make no difference; one can only hope that the humanity inside changes…….That’s a big hope…..

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