Nightjack is right…

April 8, 2008

I must say that Nightjack is refreshing in his views about policing and other matters. Er Nightjack for Commissioner! The following, though, is a clip from the media, direct from China. This is what China say, “We express our strong condemnation of the deliberate disruption of the Olympic torch relay by ‘Tibetan independence’ separatist forces, who gave no thought to the Olympic spirit or the laws of Britain and France,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said in a statement. “Their despicable activities tarnish the lofty Olympic spirit.”

Twining has some questions for Jiang Yu:

(1) Is assault on a monk in China not a crimal matter?

(2) The Olymipc spirit is about humanity. China, are you not negating the Olympic spirit?

(3) China are you really listening to the world? I think I will answer that, “Er no, you are only listening to yourselves.” This is what Jaing Yu responded with, ” “The reports by foreign media are false in claiming that the Olympic torch was forced to be extinguished during its relay in Paris.”


  1. Yes, I agree, Nightjack is brill. He is on an equal with yourself, Tupc, Dickiebo and a few others. I love the way he writes, he’s so clear and explicit. I go to his blogsite everyday.

  2. Welcome back Annette.

  3. The only thing the Beijing Olympics have done so far is bring Tibet into sharp relief.

    In the past the other contraversial Olympic venues have been Berlin 1936 with Mr A Hitler and Moscow 1980 after Russia had invaded Afghanistan.

    I assume the selection happens a few years before the event, and no one can tell what a country will do in the future, but China has had a bad track record for human rights since Tianamen Square.

  4. Heck, Blueknight, China’s poor record on human rights goes back a lot longer than that :). Problem as I see this is China has big economy, big armed forces and big savings in the bank. No-one is going to really mess with them. Token gestures? Lots of them I expect but real action like sanctions or breaking of diplomatic relations are just not going to happen .

  5. In which case the protesters protest and China plays lip service. Sounds all to familiar Bluenight, nightjack…..

  6. Brown has said he is not going to the opening ceremony but that doesn’t mean he is boycotting the Games. With all the lackeys of various Governments present who the hell is going to notice the absence of some nail-biting dour Scot? Mind you, I can see the price of Wiis going up next year.

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