The Twining Chronicles, Issue 17 Saturday 12th April 2008

April 10, 2008

I have had the pleasure of interviewing the great Noddy, Ninja UNPC, even Jan Berry and a few others, but wait for this, there is an exclusive interview soon to follow. Until then this poem is about a defector to wordpress; UNPC. He’s back!

A POEM about UNPC and me

This ladder is so tall.

“UNPC, are you there?”

He replies, “No!”

The higher you climb the further you fall.

Those at the top relish in ghee!

Their privilige, their expenses, here for all to see.

Are these better men we ask?

hell no,

worse still, those just below them are crass.

What about some women and black folk, there,

I see?

They can be just as bad,

some lie, some flee.

The best place on the ladder, where would that be? “Oi UNPC?”

Just here on this rung, with you and me.

We’re free!

“Enough of this, Twining, Old Boy!

Now can we just have some TEA?”


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