The Twining Chronicles – Issue 18 Saturday 19th April 2008

April 17, 2008

43 divided by 300? Is that 8 per Force?

The Right honourable Home secretary has now vowed to recruit 300 more police officer’s, (with the pay deal saving she has made), to assist in the fight against terrorism.

Apparently these officer’s will focus on the radicalisation process. Oh really….This is the  most unbelievablele spin I have heard just before election time and this is not new; using the subject of race in this way.

For one, the radicalisation process is not like a “washing machine” where you put something in and then wonder what it is; i.e. is it Black, White, delicate, or woolly? This mentality is truly wondrous.

The process is a bit bigger and wider than that and includes the Islamic Community. The process also includes a lack of employment, culture and views about faith. Perhaps then these are the “faith” police, who knows?

One wonders, will this new force tackle intelligence, or will they be overt; or even covert? Well that doesn’t seem to matter a trifle to these “spinners.” The skills and understanding of this force will be  important. 

Some of these officer’s will be Muslim and this is required; but this is no cushy number for those that themselves don’t want to practise anti racism. For race cuts all ways, not just when it suits us!

To understand radicalisation one needs to understand oppression and culture, and also not oppress others. This may totally backfire on Labour if we are used just to oppress. Let’s hope the “terror police” have the courage to know the difference.  

And who are they employing in the Home office these days? Hmm Chief Inspectors and above I’d say? Well, and not one our police colleagues in the HO could advise the sellers of race equality not to play politics and games with ethnic issues? 



  1. Thought that was MI5’s job??

  2. Twining, I think the experience of the Jews in England is instructive insofar as although the religion has survived, it has fragmented over a lot of time into different strands of adherence, the Orthodox, Liberal and Reform branches for example.

    My analysis is that radicalisation is as much a part of the response to threats to established hierachys within the community as all girls islamic colleges. Western culture is basically poison to traditional Asian values. Living within the majority culture will make some members of the minority culture want to defect. It even happened to the Jews when they were ruled by the Greeks, it was called Hellenisation. Being a member of the more decadent Greek culture looked like a lot more fun to the young folk and they defected in droves.

    It will take a long time and be messy but change is going to come.

    In the mean time Jacqui’s 300 should be seen for what they are, a stunt and a sop that may still do some good.

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