It’s a very odd event – chiefs’ night out

April 18, 2008

A little birdy told me that there was the Annual Chiefs gala yesterday in London. Of course I would have liked to have been there to conduct my own interviews, but surprisingly I couldn’t sort of er well, you know, (no way I’d get an invite). Anyway this is how the grand the event was billed. The following is a foot note I received from someone who was going to go. Hmmm, you are wondering, was this note from a Chief? “I’m off to the annual ACPO dinner tonight – and I don’t really fancy it. I’d rather stay in and watch My Name is Earl but that’s another matter. It’s a very odd event – these chiefs’ night’s. Oh well, it’s the Guildhall in London. They all come down dressed in their robes ready to catch up with other Chiefs, and the poor drivers sit and wait around for hours. A three course black tie meal plus guest speaker – usually a judge or general. As I said, it’s a really strange event……” If I was there I would have asked, “What’s 43 divide by 300? And where’s the Black driver? ” And then I would have probably been escorted out. 


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